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  1. I like eating the same foods the characters eat at the same time. I know, I'm strange.
  2. Yes, and I do agree, but when she joins in as Part of The Group it ruins tings.
  3. Is it just me or does Leslie Winkle annoy some people??
  4. I am pretty sure Johnny Galecki does not have glasses in real life, Sherminator.
  5. The producers say that they have not given Penny a last name yet, because it could totally change how fans view Penny. However they do say that it will soon be revealed.
  6. Leonard is generally known for his somewhat sarcastic personality. However, I do not consider him annoying and whiny at all. And I agree with DIEKillerRobotDIE (nice name, btw).
  7. I live in Australia and I want to find out when (or if) the Big Bang Theory is on. Help?
  8. Leonard: *wakes up with a scream* Holy s*** that was close.
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