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  1. Okay it starts off with like a secret civilization of people who explore the world on the boat they find the new world which is america so theyre all like give us your land k, then were like no dude then they attack and the military come in and are like BANG BAMNG ABNBANG then it turns out those guys were actually our ancestors who went through a black hole and went forward in time so then we all die but not really we just turn into native america but instead of making casinos we make technolodgy because the earth mother told us that oil is bad and so we made a flying car so then the europeans
  2. HOW DARE YOU BIG BANG WRITERS MAKE THE NERDS PLAY WOW AND NOT EVEN GET IT RIGHT. First of all the goblins are neutral buisnessmen who'll do anything for money why would they be in the gates of beelzulbub? The burning legion wouldnt pay them theyd enslave them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Secondly come on at least choose the right the names for the raids FOR GOD SAKES there is no Satan in WoW there is no Devil in wow so could you at least do your research?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??! Last thing the sword of Azeroth? THE SWORD OF AZEROTH? AT LEAST COME UP WITH SOMETHING MORE CREATIVE or hey USE AN ITEM THAT SOMEONE
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