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  1. My favourite song would have to be Soothsayer by Buckethead.
  2. That's a great idea for an episode. Hopefully a cast or crew member of The Big Bang Theory sees this and takes it into consideration. It would make a brilliant episode.
  3. Yuck. Chocolate coated peanuts !
  4. I would think they have a balanced mixture of a live crowd laughing and a laugh track. Then they would probably edit the laughs so that they are not too long, or too short. Afterall, laughing in the background of a T.V show does help viewers at home laugh.
  5. Well it's a little too late to edit the episode.
  6. Lol same here. I've been told numerous times that I have a personality like sheldon. For example, instead of asking a simple question, I will extend it and make it a long and complicated question that apperantly doesn't make sense. I usually sit in the same places when I eat or when I watch T.V. I dislike social situations and so on...
  7. Lol yea he would. Afterall, he is a big Star Trek fan, and he does like Captain Kirk. But a better book for Sheldon would be Stalking Stewart (refers to "Patrick Stewart" who played "Captain Picard" in Star Trek) because his favourite captain from Star Trek is Picard. Although, I don't think such a book exists.
  8. ...You watch all the seasons of TBBT, then you watch them again with commentary. ...You laugh at people if they only have a masters degree in engineering. ...You comment on meat to bun ratios while having a ham burger.
  9. I would say Electric Tears, which is a song by Buckethead.
  10. Homo habilis is the species of the genus Homo, which lived from approximately 2.3 to 1.4 million years ago at the beginning of the Pleistocene period. So he called Kurt a cave man basically. I laughed so much at that joke. But Leonard had called Kurt a cave man, which is a Homo habilis.
  11. 12% scored higher (more nerdy), 0% scored the same, and 88% scored lower (less nerdy). What does this mean? Your nerdiness is: High-Level Nerd. You are definitely MIT material, apply now!!!. I thought I was a little nerdy.
  12. I'm currently reading the Skulduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy for the third time . After that, I plan on reading The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkein, then all three Lord Of The Rings books also by J.R.R Tolkein. Then i'll try and get a copy of The Silmarillion, which is also by J.R.R Tolkein.
  13. I predict 7-8 seasons. After that, what jokes will they have left? And we can only tolerate Sheldon's refusal to grow or adapt for so long. I also would agree that 7-8 seasons are possible. But since we are already up to season 4 that would mean the show would really need to take a rantings nosedive for the net work to cancel the series and I don't see that happening just yet. Some people here are complaining about this season saying it isn't living up to the quality of the last few seasons. I disagree and the current ratings prove that out. I really am enjoying this season. I thin
  14. I agree. It's not Jim Parsons fault that he is annoying, it's the script writers that make Sheldon that way. It's how they want him to be.
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