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  1. Just this one and a Star Trek one, though I've not had much time to spend on either recently. Sometimes I only get chance to read/browse and not post.
  2. Brilliant,so funny, thanks for posting the link.
  3. Yes I've voted too, thanks for posting the link.
  4. Father Ted is brilliant! I loved it, recently channel 4 did a couple of Father Ted nights. I managed to catch the episode where Fathers Ted and Dougal entered the "Song for Europe" contest with a song entitled "My Lovely Horse"!! Hilarious.
  5. I do agree with you, Sherminator, about Poirot - the series' with David Suchet in the lead role. Another British favourite is Taggart. As for American crime series, of which there are so many, I love Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and have always liked CSI.
  6. I too laugh with them. I saw a trailer for the show when it was first due to air on UK TV and thought it sounded interesting - being a Star Trek fan I was of course curious and decided to watch to see how many references, etc. there were. That was my main reason for watching. I'm not a student, neither a geek but liked the characters right from the start and really found the show funny.
  7. Now the link's up, I'll take a look sometime.
  8. Yes I joined too and I have to say it's great! Probably one of the best Facebook pages, definitely makes me smile and a good reason for logging in each day.
  9. Hello Shari. Greetings from beautiful North Yorkshire, England.
  10. I'll have a look at that next time I'm on Facebook. Sounds good, I love Sheldon too and would be great to make Facebook more fun. Thanks
  11. Ooh thanks for explaining the code, Tripper. Like Sarah I know nothing of such things, algorithms, etc. I can just imagine Sheldon not giving up, standing there knocking until Penny answered.
  12. It does sound like fun, but I agree with dr_sheldon_ftw about the science input - maybe if they could find a way to have another storyline which is more technical running at the same time.
  13. I agree. A very Happy Birthday to Kaley and we can all celebrate in our own way!
  14. For me it's got be Star Trek, right since I first started watching The Original Series, following TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise - and I still watch them all now.
  15. Sounds much more fun than a normal language course! I used to live in Amsterdam some years ago and there were many British/US series on Dutch tv, all shown in the original English with Dutch subtitles. I used to love learning exta Dutch words that way.
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