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  1. Yeah, i dont trust them either, but i promise you that this page really only does what it says. You have my word. And if you dont like it, you can always just leave the group
  2. Do you love Sheldon Cooper? Then this is the place for you! Facebook --> Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory This is the most active Sheldon Cooper page on facebook! NO SPAM, news, pictures, and videos are posted EVERYDAY! We have competitions, where you can win stuff like: Big Bang Theory merchendise, Sheldon Cooper t-shirts, DVD´s and much more. Here are some of the things our current members said about the page: Jami: "To whoever runs this page. Thanks. You keep ths interesting and very Sheldon oriented. it's very much appreciated. One of the few 'likes' in my Facebook past that I don't regret. Haha ♥" Mike: "There are other sheldon pages out there but this one is by far the best and also no spam, Im sure we've all liked a page then shortly afterwards unliked it cos of the spam....gr8 job guys" Samantha: "Just stumbled onto this and I want to say, your photos are superb! Love seeing pics from the show & Jim, plus the rest of the cast in photo spreads I missed or in real life. Awesome job, keep up the stellar work." Blogger Egina Christian wrote on her blog "Eginas Mind": "As you know, I´m obsessed with Big Bang Theory, and as anybody else, you want to show everybody on facebook what you like or dislike. Started liking a page simply called "Sheldon Cooper". It has over 6 million likes, and I thought "Wow! Must be awsome!" - yeah, if you like your news feed to be filled with spam!!. So I unliked it again. Then I stumbled across a page called "Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang theory", at a BBT forum, and this page is really one of the few pages i don´t regret liking! Everytime I check my news feed, there is something new about Sheldon Cooper. No annoying spam, or "Like this!" posts. Its ONLY about Sheldon Cooper (and BBT). Even found a episode I havent seen before (Episode 0), and amazing interviews and fun stuff with Jim Parsons. Lovin´it!!" Check it out for yourself
  3. BazingaGirl, det var så lidt! :D We have now reached the mark of 5.000 members (in 6 months, wow..)!!
  4. Okay, so i´ve searched the internet and in various forums, and i cant seem to find a conclusion. What year is sheldon born? I know that we do not yet know his date of birth, but im pretty sure that i at one point saw a birthyear...
  5. Thank you! :D Im really passionate about the page, and checks its more than i check my own facebook profile :D And i really dont think anyone else who has started a page about Sheldon Cooper, does so much for their page as i do. The members are simply just left to themselfs on other pages.
  6. You want it? Win it here! http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/SheldonCooperfromBigBangTheory The page is the most active and fastest growing Sheldon Cooper page on facebook! And spam free We update it about 2 times a day with quotes, facts, new, pictures, videos and much more, and answer everything our members ask
  7. What is Sheldon´s favourite charged particle? I have a discussion going on with someone...
  8. We´ve just posted a very rare video at the site! Check it out! www.facebook.com/sheldoncooperfrombigbangtheory
  9. Hello, would you mind if i posted the picture at my Sheldon cooper fan group on facebook? I will offcourse note that it was made by you www.facebook.com/sheldoncooperfrombigbangtheory
  10. We still want a bit more of you to join I promise! You will not regret it! Its fun!
  11. Yeey! Im really glad you like it! And thank you for joining I myself hates those groups that is filled with spam, or just has an empty wall. So we just dedicate a few hours everyday finding new and funny stuff about Sheldon, and post it in the group + we try to find new admins that speak different laungages so we can expand the fun to those whos english arent that good, but still wants to be a part of it And if you have any ideas to things you think we should post, let me know! :D
  12. You´re welcome! aww thank you I try to make it as interesting as possible
  13. I took the nerd test 2.0 and got: Science/math: 76% scored higher, 3% scored the same, and 21% scored lower. Sci-fi/comic: 61% scored higher, 6% scored the same, and 33% scored lower. Computer/tecnology: 68% scored higher, 3% scored the same, and 29% scored lower. History/litterature: 88% scored higher, 4% scored the same, and 8% scored lower. Dumb/dork/akwardness: 36% scored higher, 12% scored the same, and 52% scored lower. whick makes me a: Kinda Dorky Non-Nerd I only knew half of the questions by wtaching Big Bang theory.. LOL
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