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  1. It's not just the piling on of the characters, but the characters that they choose to pile on. I'd prefer to see Leslie, Zac and Stuart....at least they're funny. How believable and more importantly how funny is it that Leonard gets all the hot girls....as compared to the loser he was with his more appropriate (and believable) girlfriends like Leslie and the doctor from season two?
  2. The only truly funny relationships were Sheldon/Nowitski, Leonard/Leslie and Zac/Penny (just 'cause Zac's around and honestly funny in his own right).... and ok, Howard and Bernadette have had some great moments. Other than that any relationship the writers try to create is dull comedy that we've seen rehashed through the years on countless family comedy shows. What made me love this show is that it was a departure from that and at times had a hilarious zaniness that I haven't seen since the great sitcoms of the 70's or earlier. I know that it's difficult for the writers to keep up a consistent level of quality after four seasons, but for my taste they are taking the wrong direction. I really would love to see leslie again...and Nowitski....and Sheldon's sister (but not if she too is gonna' fall for Leonard...geeez). Would that really be funnier than the way the guys struck out with her. Are any of the scenes where Leonard has a relationship (other than the doctor in season two) funny? I don't like repeating what I mentioned in another topic but reading through some of the previous posts it does seem like were talking about a soap opera and not a comedy. Why is that? Maybe because by focusing so heavily on Leonard's relationships the show has lost what really mattered in the first place. Laughs. I'm quite curious as to what Leonard relationship scenes people thought were funny. Other than with leslie I can't recall any.
  3. I miss great episodes like this one. Zac should be featured more. I wish he'd be Penny's permanent squeeze.
  4. jacksterine

    Cast dynamic

    Someone in a previous post mentioned something about Sheldon's sister returning and taking and interest in Leonard. Oh please! Every hot girl that appears in the show likes Leonard. Why? Is it funny? NOT. Leonard was never likable to me and to feature him so often in non-funny romantic situations is very boring. Sheldon and Howard are the only real funny characters and Penny is at her best during her interactions with them. If you water down the Sheldon and Howard characters like they're doing this season the show loses a lot of it's "funniness" and quality. Forcing Leonard on us as the main character of interest is a huge mistake by the writers, and I'm sure that will become evident soon in the ratings.
  5. I'll chime in to say that for this was the most forgettable episode yet. I won't watch it again. Someone was spot on in a previous post when he/she characterized it as embarrassing. If I hadn't become such a big fan since the first season I'd probably be indifferent to the show this far into the fourth season.
  6. I think that the show could do without Amy and Raj's sister. They just water down the other characters and make them alot less funny. Furthermore they aren't funny, unlike Zac who is a welcome comedic addition. Reading through the posts for this season at times it seems like we're discussing a soap opera rather than a comedy. The show has definitely lost its edge. To make Leonard a ladies man is a total departure from what made the show funny in the first place and frankly a bit cheesy. anyway, I'm sure many will disagree but I don't care about the developing emotional relationships. I wanna' laugh like I used to with TBBT.
  7. yeah that sounds fun :-) I would prefer that Sheldon & Penny be shown taking care of the baby together. Their chemistry is much funnier that that of Penny with Leonard. I never liked Leonard for Penny anyway. He's much funnier as a loser in love.
  8. It seems the writers aren't successfully balancing Sheldon's character this season, and he does lean towards being unlike-able at times. The same thing is happening with the other characters as well this season.
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