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  1. Ok, I'll admit that I did laugh my ass off at some of the scenes in tonight's episode. But I can't help but wonder where did the REAL Sheldon Cooper go to? Dancing? Sheldon has stated before that he nor the other Sheldons in the infinite number of universes, dance. Allowing that kiss?I kinda expected something more than..."fascinating" Like a total germaphobe freakout maybe. A Sheldon response maybe Is it possible though that the writers are trying to imply that Sheldon might have some deep-rooting feelings for Amy? Maybe it's just me but Sheldon has berated his friends for a lot less than that. However I do enjoy the Penny/Amy dynamic. I enjoy their interactions a lot more than Sheldon and Amy's.
  2. I don't really mind if he explores. I guess whats bothering me is that they use the same joke in many different episodes. While hilarious once, twice maybe 3 times, but more than that makes you wonder, are the writers gonna make him gay or not.
  3. Is it just me or does anyone else think that the gay jokes with Raj are just too many. Are the writers running out of ideas for him. Does he actually have a crush on Howard. I thought for a minute that the writers were perhaps leaning towards the possibility that Raj might be gay, but as tonight's episode (The Thespian Catalyst) clearly reiterates, he is definitely not gay. So what I want to know is...(in Leonard's voice) What's up with that?????
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