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  1. I always try to settle arguements with Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock. I also sang that one song "Deep in the Heart of Texas" when people are talking about something I don't want to hear. The other day, I knocked like Sheldon does, without realizing it!
  2. Holy Megatron?!?!?! WTH! They messed up on about four billion levels! Why would Penny (Paddy) be interested in Leonard's (Eddie's) computer? And the Penny spoof was an idiot! Really? Penny would know that Howard and Sheldon were talking about the computer, but Paddy? If they air this commercial, we need to boycott this company's products! Who's with me?
  3. I have three ideas for episodes that I personally think are good. 1: The Nintendo Epidemic When Raj first came to America, he had an Indian disease, but his people have a natural immunity. It ends up on the guys' Wii. Sheldon, Leonard, and Howard are get sick, and then the disease passes to Bernadette and Amy. While the five are trying to recover, Penny gets a job as the main character on a new TV show, and somehow Raj convinces her to let her be her manager. 2: The Foster Child Hypothesis After some budget cuts at the University, and their pays lowered, Howard, Raj, Leonard, and Sheldon take in two twin foster girls. The children are really annoying and troublesome. The children even erase Sheldon's work, so he convinces the others to give up the kids. 3: The Doctor Wolowitz Experimentation After years of being tormented for not having a PhD, Howard is pushed over the deep end when he is denied a promotion at work for not being a doctor. Howard goes back to college, and Sheldon heads after him to make sure he doesn't fail, so he gets the promotion, so he can pay back a loan from years ago. Sheldon ends up getting a MD in Engineering somehow. Any suggestions, or your ideas for episodes, you can post if you want!
  4. Read the Vanity Card at the end. It says it was special effects. Would a TV show really make a monkey smoke?
  5. Her last name is never revealed. When I mention the show, I refer to her as "Penny Lincoln" because Abe Lincoln is on the penny.
  6. Listen, dude. Sheldon has NO need for a romance! He has NEVER been interested in women. He will NEVER have a girlfriend. No offence, but Sheldon getting a girlfriend would ruin everything about the show!
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