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  1. @phanta: generally there will be nothing added to a blu ray collection that isn't also on the standard dvd version. It's usually just a case of less discs/full hd with the blu ray editions. I say generally... there are occasional exceptions.
  2. Best episode this season for me. Amy was brilliant!!
  3. Unless you see the person sign it in front of you, you can never be 100% certain of authenticity.
  4. netmouse

    The 7 Season?

    My money is on Jim Parsons being the Yoko Ono of the show.
  5. netmouse

    The 7 Season?

    They've only signed up to season 7 at the moment. I'm guessing sometime later in 2013 an announcement would be made as to whether the show will continue into an 8th season.
  6. @Disgusted: heya !! nice to see you're still lurking Having shared a discussion or two regarding rainbows and unicorns, I must admit your .gif made me smile.
  7. Is this the last break between tapings we have to endure before the season ends? Or is there still one more to go later in April?
  8. It's actually more a case of people comparing the alien pin to the alienware logo, simply because the logo is a fairly recognised symbol, hence making it easier to describe the pin itself.
  9. Art imitating life tonight. As a divorced father with an ex wife who doesn't allow me to see my 4 beautiful children, I could totally relate to last night's episode. It sickens me on a day to day basis to think that maybe my kids hate me because of their mother's actions. I truly hope my kids are as forgiving of me as Howard appears to be of his own father. Beautiful episode. Once again, Simon Helberg worked his magic.
  10. It is an antique fuse holder. Confirmed via twitter by Bill Prady.
  11. Weakest ep this season for me. Sheldon and Amy's final scene saved it from being a total farce.
  12.     beat me to it, clever clogs !!! :D
  13. Lets not forget that at this time, they've still only signed on for 7 seasons. "The InBetweeners" was one of Britain's more popular sitcoms, rating very highly every season, yet the show only went on for 3 seasons, regardless. Whilst I would love to see BBT go on for many years more, it's no good stretching it out just because of high ratings. Material and substance need to come into play. "Flogging a dead horse" is the term I've used in the past regarding this.
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