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  1. @phanta: generally there will be nothing added to a blu ray collection that isn't also on the standard dvd version. It's usually just a case of less discs/full hd with the blu ray editions. I say generally... there are occasional exceptions.
  2. Best episode this season for me. Amy was brilliant!!
  3. Unless you see the person sign it in front of you, you can never be 100% certain of authenticity.
  4. Just how the game runs sherm. Prime example is the dragon in Dawnstar. That thing just keeps spawning. Unsure if the souls cap. I never unlocked all the shouts.
  5. @sherm: yup same series. Ayesha is the 14th game in the series. And yeah a lot of the shouts in Skyrim are useless. The dragons will keep respawning too. It's not a glitch.
  6. The day Capcom patched an easy mode into Dragon's Dogma because the casuals complained about the starting area being too difficult reminded me that today's gamer is no longer interested in a challenge. Unfortunately Demon's Souls/Dark Souls mistook the term "challenge" for "cheap rage quit"
  7. Ayesha Atelier. Surprisingly addictive loli JRPG where crafting trumps combat
  8. Ploughing through Tales Of Graces F whilst waiting for my copy of Bioshock Infinite to arrive in the mail. Not a huge fan, but check out the trailer/game footage for Battlefield 4. OMG... awesome stuff. Listen especially to the "ping" of the machine gun during the helicopter section. Great sound.
  9. hi and welcome, as yes, your english is fine. Much better than my Spanish >< :D
  10. netmouse

    The 7 Season?

    My money is on Jim Parsons being the Yoko Ono of the show.
  11. lolz.... no... I am engaged to RE-marry. Getting re-married in May. The ex-wife is the other one... the yucky one that I was married to 4 years ago :D
  12. Season 5, Episode 2. The one about the infested chair.
  13. netmouse

    The 7 Season?

    They've only signed up to season 7 at the moment. I'm guessing sometime later in 2013 an announcement would be made as to whether the show will continue into an 8th season.
  14. @Disgusted: heya !! nice to see you're still lurking Having shared a discussion or two regarding rainbows and unicorns, I must admit your .gif made me smile.
  15. An engagement ring for my ex wife. Should have seen the writing on the wall !!!
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