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  1. I'm beginning to like her more and more. She is so funny! :D Just as you said, she's really trying to fit in and act 'normal' Especially in episode 21 The Agreement Dissection. I hope they let her character stay in the show for a while.
  2. I'm beginning to like Amy more, especially after this episode. She was truly hilarious! :D And Raj was on the loose at the end... hihi! A bit over the top maybe, yes. But it was really funny to hear the response of the audience . They were really shocked! :D But I think this is an easy way to solve Raj's problem... :s
  3. I think you are right BBTfan! The would drive each other crazy! (They already do that, but now they can run off hihi! )
  4. Oh yes! The 21 second Excitation was a very funny episode as well! :D
  5. It is not even funny! :s Worst promo video ever! :O
  6. The first episode of season 4 is my favourite! Poor Howeard! :D Really funny episode!
  7. Selenium


    I argee!! So you think they use Priya to show the viewer that Penny is more fun and that Penny still has feelings for Leonard? I think you are right!
  8. Selenium


    What do you guys think of Priya? I think she is not very sparkling... and I think she is trying to change Leonard to much, I don't think this relationship will last for long. She is more like a tight businesswoman. (She is a lawyer... well then it makes sense )
  9. Hmm... I'm also wondering what she would look like. But then on the other hand, it would be beter not to show her... I'm not a fan of Horror and not showing her is also why it is always so funny to see Howard yell at her. I always picture her as the woman who played Joey's agent in Friends (I thought she was called Estelle?). Maybe it is the same actress... they do have similar voices!
  10. Selenium

    Nerd Test

    54% scored higher (more nerdy), 2% scored the same, and 44% scored lower (less nerdy). What does this mean? Your nerdiness is: Somewhat nerdy. I mean face it, you are nerdier than about half the test takers. LOL, not that bad
  11. Hi everyone! :D I'm Selenium and I'm from the Netherlands. I'm very delighted to join this forum! Now I can talk about TBBT with other fans. Bye for now!
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