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  1. Actually romance always was in the mix, right from the beginning, for all of them except for Sheldon. As someone pointed out, earlier it was more about unsuccessful romantic feelings, which is admittedly easier to portray in a funny way, and now it's more about actual relationships. I find that realistic, given how people (including nerds) evolve between their 20's and their 30's in real life, but some people seem to find it not befitting to this show. The romance is more evolved than it was before though. That's what I meant, sorry. It has a bigger focus than the 2 first seasons (they focused mainly on Leonard's desire to have Penny as a girlfriend). Now everyone but Sheldon, of course, has their own romantic issues to deal with: Leonard needs to clue in about Priya, Penny's jealous of Priya and vice versa, Raj wants Bernadette as a girlfriend, Amy's just having fun hating on Priya because apparently that's what "Besties" do (LOL), no comments on Sheldon in that department and I'm sure there's something that's gonna go wrong with Howard and Bernadetter. I hope not but you never know.
  2. That's probably what's gonna happen. But the girls do bring him out for a night of dancing so they must do something to at least convince him to go to the club or wherever else that has dancing. That's what it says in the episode summary.
  3. I find it interesting that they've added romance to the mix. I mean, the guys are allowed to have feelings for someone. Who knows, Sheldon might get a girlfriend too but if that ever happens it'll be at the very end of the series. The writers and producers can't stick with the same thing throughout the series: if they do, then the show will start to lose it. People will lose interest. Come on, admit it: you still pay attention to the show because you want to find out what Leonard will do about Priya and now if Howard and Bernadette will stay engaged and what about that rumor about them breaking up last episode? We'll propably find out later about the latter. My point is, if things don't change a little it won't be as great. Don't get me wrong; I love the guys' geekiness but I love seeing how they're expanding their world past video games and physics (Sheldon's not as willing but he's, albeit very slowly, getting there: he's going out dancing next episode ). As I mentioned before, change is good in a show unless it's not done right.
  4. @Tripper Thanks! @SmartbutSlow Hi?
  5. I didn't even notice the books so I can't tell ya! I was more busy focusing on Sheldon and Amy (mostly Sheldon )
  6. Do you think Howard and Bernadette will stay engaged? I'm wondering what the writers are planning to do with that...
  7. Remember, it was rumored that Bernadette was going to break up with Howard. There's a chance that they won't stay engaged since it's possible that she was planning to break up with him but got caught up in the moment of the proposal and agreed to marry him. Or Penny misread something (which is often how gossip starts) in Bernadette's actions and everything turned out to be completely false. Future episodes will tell. As for the rest: Raj was probably given his own plot (will he win Bernadette's heart or will he fail?), Sheldon's testing out social sciences because it's his idea of joke since he has no respect for the field, and Penny needs some girlfriends: you can't expect her to be with the guys 24/7 + in case you've forgotten, Priya made Leonard ask Penny to not hang around him anymore and hanging around Leonard = hanging around the rest of the guys too since he's always with them and Penny complied. It's unfortunate but true. Priya won't last long so Penny will be back with them soon. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Hi! I'm new to the forums and I'm from Canada! I love BBT and hope to be able to talk with other fans from all around the world! Have a great day!
  9. Seinfeld. The characters remained the same. George and Elaine changed jobs a lot, but everyone's personalities were cemented and outside relationships rarely mattered, except for comedic value. The characters never "changed and grew" in the typical sitcom fashion. I find Seinfeld is and always will be an exception to the rule. Never really watched it. I always got the impression from what little I did see, each episode was more like a 25 min comedy sketch. Would that be a fair assumption? It's a show about nothing... Really, it's just about every day situations that are exaggerated for comedic purposes. It's just one of those comedies where you watch it to laugh, not to observe relationships, etc. There are arcs and continuing story lines, but nothing that involves shipping. It's the comedy that began the "water cooler talk". Yeah, that sums up what Seinfeld is about. From beginning to end the characters remain the same, just facing different situations. A growth and change of character will make the show better if done right. I remember watching Fraser: a main point in the show was Niles lusting after Daphne. When the two married, it changed the show completely and it wasn't as funny any more. It just depends on how it's done. I think the writers of BBT are doing a great job with this; they haven't lost their edge.
  10. Precisely my point. Guys will go along for awhile, but in the end, the obsessions and hobbies will win out over the short term romantic interests. The key is to find someone who either shares the hobbies, or who thinks that such things are a part of what makes one unique and special, and finds the quirks to be endearing. Agreed. I've seen this scenario happen way too many times between friends of mine and their boyfriends. Just like you said, he gets fed up and leaves. Why is it so hard to accept someone for who they are? Seems to be a common thing in my experience. Someone meets you and likes a part of your personality but can't accept another part of you. They try to deal with it but then everyone just ends up unhappy. The key is to find people with similar interests, especially with regards to "the little things". They are by far the most important. Priya won't last long. Good, I'm not really fond of her.
  11. Precisely my point. Guys will go along for awhile, but in the end, the obsessions and hobbies will win out over the short term romantic interests. The key is to find someone who either shares the hobbies, or who thinks that such things are a part of what makes one unique and special, and finds the quirks to be endearing.
  12. Sheldon and his hacked account! That was priceless! I was laughing so hard when I found out he called the police and the FBI to report his stolen "bunch of imaginary crap that’s useful in a make-believe place" as Penny puts it. :D That, and when Sheldon understood sarcasm for the first time in his life! Leonard did not detect it at all! Talk about role reversal!
  13. This one and the forums on Michael Jackson's official website.
  14. Maybe he was braver to talk to Leonard with his back turned to Penny (he can't see her that way) or he was so offended by the remark Leonard made that it made him temporarily forget that he can't talk to or near women. A funny comeback nonetheless. :D
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