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  1. I collect wrestling DVDs. Wrestling is my passion, WWE, TNA I try and collect as many that catch my eye. i also get every season of TBBT that gets released on DVD, and Two and a half men I am beginning to collect.
  2. 911 jp

    Season 1 Blooper

    First Thread here! I dont know if this thread has been done or not but I have noticed a blooper in the 7th episode of season 1, The Dumpling Paradox. When Leonard says to Shledon "The only way that we could play teams right now is if we cut Raj in half." Then Raj replies, "Oh sure cut the foreigner in half, theres a billion more where he came from" Aparantly his in ability to talk to women disappeared for this smart remark as Penny was standing in the room, check it out and see for yourself. Not really anything special butjust thought it was a cool little noteworthy fact. Thoughts?
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