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  1. I disagree. This show is not starting to lose it, it has already lost it. I thought they realized their mistakes and broke up Penny and Leonard. But since then they have just gone backwards. I think you will see this show continue to fall in the ratings like it has the past couple of years. My God don't the people in charge of the show ever read these things ?
  2. joey3940


    I don't like Priya at all. She just dosen't fit in with the guys. Send her back to India. I thought she was just here for a little while anyways, if she's staying why does she continue to live with her brother. Also if she's suppose to be this big, smart lawyer then why is she so afraid of her parents finding out about Leonard. I know it's a different culture but come on.
  3. I agree 100 % with landroni. When a show is well written it dosen't need to resort to this kind of humor. This is a sign of lazy writing, hoping to get a juvenile laugh out of saying something that is suppose to be dirty. This show use to be well above that, but it's drop-off may be attributed to just old, tired writing.
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    American Idol, Wipeout, and Community.
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    The latest ratings released by neilson today show the lowest rated new episode of the season, even dating back to last year. So while many people are swooning over the new direction of the show ie Bernadette, Priya. The rest of the television audience isn't so sure. The show regularly used to draw at least a 4 in the ratings, but those days are gone. I personally still believe the show has to get back to it's roots. We need more of what made the show popular in the first place, and yes I will say it again less romance.
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    How do you know I'm a 12 year old boy ? Are you secretly stalking me ? I will call interpol. Sorry for stating the obvious but a forum is a place to exchange views and opinions. Just because you don't like mine isn't a reason to condemn it. Speaking of spelling, while mine may have been the result of pressing the wrong key your spelling of opinionated is a right cock-up. Death to Bernadette.
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    Isn't that the purpose of a forum you moron, Bernadette must go.
  8. joey3940


    Bernadette is horrible, if i have recorded the show i fast forward through her parts. Her voice is beyond annoying and she serves no purpose on the show. GET RID OF HER !!!!!!!!!!! she stinks. These kind of horrible characters is whats dragging down the show and the ratings. Wake up people this is the kind of stupid humor that might have worked on Three's Company years ago but my God not in today's television.
  9. There is a difference between wanting romance and getting it ! Just the fact that these boys were trying to get girls (except Sheldon) was half the fun. It was like Niles longing after Daphne on the old Frazier show. That plot line was hilarious, but once they were together one of the funniest aspects of the show was over. Same here, let the boys do all the chasing they want. There poor attempts, and lame lines are half the fun of trying to impress the girls. But stop putting these nerds in unlikely romantic relationship that just seem to take away from the shows whole premise. Keep the girls fine, just don't let the guys win them over. The chase can be much funnier than the catch.
  10. This show was so much funnier when they didn't add romance into the mix. They broke up Leonard and Penny (Thank God) and now they have started with Priya, and for some reason Penny is showing signs of jealousy. Oh please don't go down this road again. It failed the first time. Get rid of Priya and Howard's girl friend (who isn't funny in the least) This show works when the guys are at their geeky best. Stop ruining it.
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