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  1. Location of their apartment building

    Hey guys, I'm so happy that even i'm no being there, my information has been useful to you, it was shocking to see the photo you took mattsc, exactly as I imagined. thanks a lot!!! Greetings from Argentina!!
  2. Location of their apartment building

    Hey guys I'm from Argentina and I live in Argentina, my English is not good, I hope you understand me. I did not have time to read all your comments, but I hope to give new data.I'm a fan of scouting locations in Google Earth. I guess they reached the same conclusion that I, the apartments do not exist and they are a set of Warners Bros. But photographs of the window apartment are real ,I could find the address where the shooting took place. Based on the outlines of the mountains,light, Pasadena city hall,I managed to conclude that the shot was made near the streets, "the Colorado blvd" and "Mill Avenue" or perhaps in the tallest buildings in 1-75 SHudson Ave. The buildings that you see are of course the Pasadena city hall and according to pictures I found the other building : the law offices of Abraham chaparian, which coincides with the number of windows and physiognomy (1). (1)