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    4.20 The Herb Garden Germination (Apr. 7)

    Umm.. that's your opinion I guess. They are improving their lifestyle now. Back when nobody had a girlfriend, all they would do was go to the comic store, long discussions, Star Wars. Just tell me, what do you expect them to do with all the girls that have become a part of this show? Just throw them away and go back to the way they were in season 1? I don't think that they can, or will, do that. They have girls in their group now, one of them is getting married. Now as my personal opinion, I thought that this episode was really funny. Especially liked the way they officially reported Raj's crush on Bernadette. Also the gossip experiment that Shamy came up with was pretty hillarious. We also see in this episode a kind of a chick fight over Leonard ... Penny calling Pria a gossiping bitch, and Raj telling her "You should hear what she says about you". So all in all, I thought it was a good episode. Can't wait for the next one. Concerning the Poll, I'd pick number 2. He really does have all the qualities of an Elf.
  2. Prongs

    4.19 The Zarnecki Incursion (Mar. 31)

    I'm a bit disappointed though to tell you the truth, just like Destyre. I mean.. I don't mind them making a story about any game tbh, but I mean if they're going to, then they should at least get their facts straight about the game before making it. I mean sure it's all just for laughs but still.. I couldn't help it. I mean if "Sheldon" spent 3,000 hours playing WoW, and has an 85 "Hero of the Eastern Kingdoms" then I'm pretty sure noone could "steal" his account because all level 85 items that are worth anything at all are BoP or BoE (Binds on Pick-up or Binds on Equip) and about the "Viscious armor" that's ALWAYS BoP and there's no way that anyone can steal it, and the funniest thing is that Raj has a girl account, and he keeps dropping his sword to pick it up.. which isn't possible to do in WoW... I'm sorry I just tried to not be too anal but I couldn't so I just had to post this . And yes ... again just like Destyre wrote... instead of it being something we can relate to, it's more of a mockery of the game or people who play it. Now about the episode as a whole.. well... this was a pretty good episode.. probably one of the best of this season. The way the episode starts with Leonard going home to find a cop there and Sheldon complaining about being robbed, when obviously the house looks fine.. until he finds out that it was his WoW account that got hacked. Leonard DOES seem like he's back like his old self (which is really awesome). Also I liked how Penny tries to point out how she's better than Priya because she knows about the "Geeky" stuff that their group is interested with, yet she's the one that's being singled out, and what she tells Zarnecki before she "touches him in that special place" and how Sheldon's face is filled with happiness and says "WE DID IT"...."what... I said we..?" So to sum up.. the episode was pretty great, if we overlook everything about the actual game content in it.

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