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  1. Pairing up 2 minor characters would end up giving them more screen time than they should have. I know I've been harping on about it in other threads, but I miss the core 5. I like episodes with Stuart, and I liked Alice. she should be brought back to tempt Leonard, even though he will likely end up with Penny. After all, they're "on a break" :D
  2. She's still getting too much screentime at the expense of Howard and Raj. I realise that characters need to develop, but bring back the core 5. It's like giving way too much time to a 7th character in Friends. Yes, you can have the support characters by all means, but to have a story revolve around one of them is not right imho.
  3. having only seen season 4 once (online), I don't recall anything with indiana jones. Perhaps I missed it. What was the main storyline of that ep?
  4. I think it's great. Only i would change the 2nd day to "Sheldon and Leonard' rather than "2 Sheldon and Leonards" because it fits the rhythm better.
  5. Sounds great. Then he could inexplicably become attracted to an art grad student!
  6. I liked her, but honestly don't see them bringing her back. Pity.
  7. I enjoyed this, but he seemed to focus more on Pink than the other two guests. And Jim seemed quite shy at times, almost to the point of being a little uncomfortable.
  8. I like the developing relationship between Sheldon and Amy, but I don't think Amy (or Bernadette for that matter) should have quite so much screen time and I definitely don't like all the sexual comments that Amy keeps making around the other girls.
  9. Yes, I think their relationship should progress to perhaps the point of making out, but not sex. If that happened, Sheldon just wouldn't be Sheldon any more. I like the idea of him becoming attracted to someone who is a polar opposite, though. A bit like Amy's reaction to Zack. Something that sneaks up and takes him completely unawares.
  10. I like the child-like innocence that Sheldon displays from time to time, but don't like it when he slips into childish behaviour, like putting train engines in his mouth.
  11. I've started doing this more often in the in-between seasons. When it's too cold to wear just a short sleeved tshirt and too warm to wear a sweater. I also have a couple of BBT tshirts and a Green Lantern one for good measure. :D:D:D
  12. That would be interesting, Albert. Then he could start making strange mountains out of his mashed potatoes. And not understand why.
  13. If there were sheep, then it would be warm and woolly in my pants.
  14. I loved this episode. Wow, to think Sheldon has snuggled with Amy. That was pretty impressive. (Lucky Amy). I also loved Leonard knocking on Amy's door in Sheldon's style. Brilliant.
  15. Yes, netmouse, the film is awesome on so many levels.
  16. I have just been to see "In Time" (starring Justin Timberlake). Really loved this film but the real surprise was to see Johnny Galecki in it!!! My husband and I were like, "is that Leonard?" He looked very scruffy and sounded so different from usual. :D:D:D
  17. I've hardly ever watched a dvd with commentary. However, it can be quite entertaining on occasion. The best one that comes to mind is David Tennant commenting on Dr Who episodes.
  18. Hmm, you're a couple of months too late. TPBM is Santa.
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