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  1. I think I've always been a bit Sheldony - I've been known in many places of employment as the one who always comes out with trivia about something we're discussing. (One time, someone actually bought me a book full of fun facts!) and because I have a science degree, I tend to spout off scientific jargon at odd times. And I love Doctor Who and movies that involve time travel. But I hasten to add - I generally interact well with others!
  2. These are great! What program do you use to create them?
  3. The second one: LMAO!!!! Why? Because we can!!!
  4. He's such a genuine nice guy. Very humble and always interesting to listen to. Great sense of humour too.
  5. I only hope that if they get William Shatner, that he promises not to sing!
  6. Ohmigosh, floydgirl, I LOVE your sig!!!
  7. Sheer brilliance! I love Sheldon
  8. Great interview, thanks for posting. Jim is so awesome!
  9. Rock paper scissors lizard Spock. Classic.
  10. When Penny takes him suit shopping and he's trying on those different suits - they are just so hilarious, then he comes out of the changing room looking STUNNING and makes that quip about looking like a clown! :D
  11. I like the mystery of not knowing what she looks like, but getting all sorts of ideas from the voice. It's a bit like The Nanny, where we never saw Morty. Until near the end, which was rather disappointing to say the least. Keep her hidden!
  12. Adorable and drop-dead gorgeous at the same time
  13. Mange tak, Sarah! I found the page and joined. Sheldon Cooper for the WIN!!!
  14. I totally agree. That's one of the reasons I love watching his interviews on YouTube.
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