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  1. 42 on Tuesday. And who created this poll? How come 40+ is the oldest age band??? I've never had to select the oldest age band until today!!!
  2. It doesn't bear thinking about, Alien.
  3. Alien, you need Soft Kitty. So here it is just for you: Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.... Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr.
  4. The whole Raj-Howard thing is not meant to hint at gayness, more to make people get the wrong idea about a couple of guys who are good hetero friends. It would be downright stupid if they got together. In Friends, Rachel and Monica lived together for ages and were bffs, but nobody would have suggested otherwise, cos they're both girls. In this case, Raj and Howard are both blokes that often end up acting like girls because it's funny.
  5. I love Christmas, but it is over commercialised and it doesn't help when every second show does the obligatory Christmas ep. The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis was great though, just enough of the Christmas spirit without being OTT. And they made a great point about not over-commercialising it. Penny gave Sheldon something that money can't buy. For that matter, Sheldon's hug was something money can't buy either.
  6. Cool, but I think I was too busy looking at Sheldon :D <3
  7. Netmouse, I hear you loud and clear. My husband and I often have this complaint about shows aired here in NZ. When someone writes into the paper to comment that the shows are cut short to accommodate ads, the powers that be insist that they haven't done anything, that is how they arrived from overseas. Yeah, right! Come on, we all know The Simpsons have an opening title that needs watching every time. So when re-running an episode, don't cut out the blackboard scene, or the couch scene. It's bloody obvious that something has been cut out. And then there is the mega-obvious: when a line or quote makes no sense, because they've cut out an earlier reference to it. D'oh!
  8. A big hi to you Robyn, from across the ditch!
  9. I have absolutely no idea, netmouse, but I'm gonna hazard a guess at "Lifeboat" :D
  10. So true. My daughter is 10 now. Off to middle school next year. Just seems like the other day when she was born...
  11. Paycheque, yes, but I actually do enjoy the number crunching. Especially when I'm given something a little out of the ordinary to work on. :D
  12. Can't be bothered with coming up with a whole list, I'm not that into sci-fi really, unless it involves time travel. So my favourite sci-fi series would have to be Doctor Who.
  13. I remember that promo! And Sheldon saying that he certainly would NOT feel comfortable with that.
  14. Well, like Jim, my first real job (other than student holiday jobs) was in a bank and yes, I was a bank teller for some of the time! But my cash drawers usually balanced :D:D:D
  15. Oooops, sounds like netmouse is caught in the infinite loop. Quick, find your least objectionable activity and partake an interest!!!
  16. One of the first computer games I played was Apple Adventure on my cousin's apple computer in California. I remember getting very frustrated with it. Bottle What do you want to do with bottle? Drink The bottle is now empty Food What do you want to do with food? Eat Thank you, that was delicious. Arghhhh!!!
  17. Well, you may be awake, but I'm almost ready to go to bed. Just gotta feed my dogs and rats.
  18. A very good point, netmouse. I loved this film and I'm a fan of the original films too. I saw the first remake and while I thought it was OK, it was nothing in comparison to the original. Interestingly, the first remake was quite similar to the original book where it all took place on another planet. But I prefer the ending to the original film - the shock when he found out where he was. And this new one leads brilliantly into a sequel.
  19. Awesome. Of course, being at work on a limited break time I did the 24 piece version. Felt like a 6 yr old. :D
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