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  1. Have you considered that maybe we don't give a damn about realism in a show? We just want it to be funny. That's it. There's a reason Larry David will never reconcile with himself and reform his behavior, why George Costanza never smartened up and straighted out his life, why Charlie Kelly will always be an idiot, etc. Because these characters are funny the way they are, and there's no reason to change them because of that fact. Don't fix what isn't broken. As I've said in another post, where did this rule come from that sitcom characters HAVE to evolve or the show is doomed to fail?
  2. You're right. Honestly, I think the biggest issue for me is the change in caste. To me, Amy and Burnadette have completely ruined the chemistry of the main characters as well as the chemistry of the show itself... I can't begin to express how excited I would be if the characters were written off after this season, because honestly, the first 3 seasons were some of the funniest seasons of any show I've ever watched. I miss that. I've missed out on like half of season 5, and I have a long flight tomorrow, so I'm planning on catching up on my laptop. Maybe the show's gotten better again sin
  3. What exactly is dumb about the comparison? Did you not comprehend it? I think it worked quite well. People on here say that if you don't change the characters over the course of a show, the show is destined to fail. I gave an example of a show that did not change the characters over the course of its run, and the show did not fail. What about this did you not understand? That's nice that you like Amy, I'm happy for you. But you have to understand that the original fanbase of this show is not happy at all. We liked this show because it was different. But it's losing what made it funn
  4. Season 2 Season 1 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5
  5. Honestly, the girlfriends have ruined the show for me. I stopped watching season 5 halfway through. I'll be honest here... I'm really tough to please when it comes to good comedies. It's just that I feel like there's so much generic crap on TV as far as sitcoms go, it was a breath of fresh air when I started watching the big bang theory. Finally, a show that is unafraid to do its own thing, to stay clear of the romance and sex centered plotlines and jokes that dominate most of the other sitcoms. Unlike the sea of crap that populates the TV networks, I finally found a sitcom that was funn
  6. I'm going to go ahead and say it: they have shifted their target audience to a female audience. I click on BBT's facebook update comments page, and nearly all of the responses praising the show are women. I'm not a sexist, but the fact that they have a new target audience is just fact. You can't deny this fact. The show's focus is no longer on nerd/geek culture, but on sex, dating, and romance. The Big Bang Theory seasons 1-3 are VERY different from seasons 4+. Once in a while there's a geek-centric episode to shut us up, but no one can deny that the vast majority of them are about roman
  7. This season so far is absolutely fantastic. This is the big bang theory I love. I'm just going to pretend season 4 didn't happen and skip that when I buy for my DVD collection.
  8. From the two previews I've seen, I'm really excited about this episode. Looks like classic big bang theory humor. So far this season is a HUGE improvement over season 4.
  9. Lol that could work very well. I've come to the conclusion that getting rid of Penny would help. Have her get the dream Hollywood role she always dreamed of so she gets a happy send off. Leonard grows his balls back and dumps Priya and gets it on with this geek girl who's apparently coming up. Also we have scene where just guys are sitting in the apartment. There's a knock on the door, Sheldon opens the door and it's another Raj, with a long beard and disheveled look. He explains that he is the real Raj and his evil twin kidnapped him (at the beginning of season 4) and has had him loc
  10. Sheldon and his model train set was hilarious. The whole situation at Howard's house was funny. Didn't care much for the rest. I'd rate the episode an "ok", since nothing in it really stood out and made me crack up.
  11. For me it's between the Euclid Alternative and the Bozeman Reaction.
  12. Yes because people should never complain about falling standards or a drop in quality. The world would be such a better place if throughout history people just put up and shut up. Where has protesting and complaining or trying to improve things ever got anyone. Also the the negativity started with season four, but the finale tipped things over the edge. The point is this. Of course fans can and should complain about a perceived drop in quality, or a sense of disappointment about a specific incident on a show (assuming one is afflicted with such). But here, the same set of people ha
  13. I want Priya to get killed by an axe murderer, Amy's skin to get melted off in a lab accident, and Burnadette to get into a car wreck. Then afterwards, the main cast realizes they should get back to what they do best: being nerds. Then we get surprised with the show getting renewed for another season.
  14. This show has simply lost its focus. It's lost what made it special. My interests when it comes to sitcoms are different from the mainstream. I need shows that do something differently. Shows like The Big Bang Theory pre-season 4, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Office pre-season 6, and Arrested Development. Unfortunately, most people don't like this kind of humor. They like the jokes to be obvious, and be spoon-fed to them. So networks change their shows to attract the mainstream and get better numbers. That's why The Office went from the awkward office humor to the goofyness
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