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    True,but I've known some girls who took it that far.But getting back to Bernadette I can't remember her saying anything idiotic she just sometimes seems to be as much in her own world as the other characters .Still ,I like her,because although she is smart she is in touch with reality,and can step back and see the weirdness of their foibles much like Leonard does.
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    Actually I'm not surprised that she comes off as dumb.Most really smart girls learn to hide that part of themselves to both guys and other girls because women generally value fitting in over showing off. So when they're in school you only know how good their grades are when they get posted by accident ,then in the adult world it's by finding out they're ,for example,also a microbiologist instead of just a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory.
  3. I doubt it ,but if we do I think we'll be pretty surprised at how good she looks because the voice sounds just like Julie Kavner -who ,in real life, looks just fine instead of like the gorgon we are imagining.In fact in the 70s she looked a lot like Bernadette does now so Howard is not straying from the familiar.
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