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  1. First of all I want to get rid off Amy, the female version of Sheldon. (...) The fun of the show is that we can identify with this funny nerds and their weaknesses but now Howard the little creep has a girlfriend, Lenny has gfs all the time and even SHELDON has one!

    Leonizard, if Amy left the show, female watchers (including me) wouldn't have a funny female nerd with weaknesses to identify it. Don't be selfish ;)

  2. This spring I go and buy strawberries every Friday morning, because then they are much cheaper than at other times (because on Friday there is a market in the city centre where a lot of people sell strawberries and the sellers from nearby shops lower the prizes...). I guess it's very Sheldonesque, as it's based on an economic law which I've discovered myself :)

  3. In the beginning it may have not been obvious for Sheldon, but now they really need each other. Their relation is perfectly symbiotic:

    Obviously, Sheldon needs Leonard to drive him to work. This could be done by any roommate, but Leonard also adapted himself to Sheldon's whims, e.g. he regularly buys food which Sheldon likes. Leonard's presence influences Sheldon's established routine, so it would be extremely hard for Sheldon to get accustomed to Leonard's absence. Also, Sheldon would be totally helpless if he was ill when living by himself. Just as Mousedroppings said, Sheldon requires babying - and Leonard is for him a perfect baby-sitter, because he shares his scientific interests and that helps him accept Sheldon's idiosyncrasies.

    On the other hand, Leonard really needs company. Although he is not a party animal, he has great social needs and not being alone is important for him. This need, again, could be fulfilled by any roommate, but Sheldon's advantage is that he is a scientist and a geek, so they never lack common subjects to talk.

    They do not demand each other to 'behave like a grown-up', they have similar interests, are on the same intellectual level (even if Sheldon probably wouldn't admit it ;) ), and are perfectly complementary to one another. I think that every one of them would be bored living with Raj (especially Raj from the last episodes...) and constantly annoyed if having Howard as a roommate.

  4. When I come to think about it, I like Amy also because she is... well, not entirely 'funny'. She is a successful neuroscientist but she really lacks sth in life and she becomes more and more conscious of that. The difference between Leslie and Amy is that Leslie gets what she wants and returns to her research when she got it, while Amy hasn't yet figured out how to do it. The results of her trying to find that out are hilarious in an ironic sort of way - so that, like in some black comedies, grotesqueness is a way of explaining how the world works. I'm wondering if anyone also sees it in this way.

  5. 1. Bring back Leslie Winkle!

    2. Let Amy Farrah Fowler stay and her relationship with Sheldon flourish. (Which does not mean I'd like Sheldon to become more human. Who said one needs emotions to be in a relationship? ;) )

    3. More Stuart. More comic book shop.

    4. Let Howard get his PhD.

    5. Stop stupefying Raj. He's an astrophysicist, for God's sake, and from time to time the writers could give him a line which wouldn't make him a complete idiot.

    6. Bring back the jokes based on 'the clash of beliefs' (does Penny still believe in horoscopes?). Stop toilet humour.

    7. More science, a little less popculture. (OK, it may seem contradictory to 3., but I like Stuart as a character and his shop as a setting, not comic books as such.) This used to be the show about geeks/nerds, not kidults.

  6. Well, I've already written a couple of times in different topics that I really like Amy Farrah Fowler, but this thread sounds to me like an invitation to write once more ;)

    Actually, Amy is my favourite character in the show, and the only one I can identify, first and foremost because she is so authentic as a female geek (she shares this trait with Leslie Winkle, who, sadly, disappeared from the show). Yes, she is stiff - because this is her way of maintaining psychical homeostasis. I agree that there has been recently too much toilet humour in the show, but I don't think it's because of the introduction of Amy.

    Just like the guys, she has intellectual interests which are often mentioned and which influence her attitude to life, which is a good practical definition of geekiness. And, just like the guys, she is also interested in sex, exchange of opinions, and having friends - but, again like them, she sees all these things through the lens of her scientific profession, which has tragicomical effect. Because of all this she is much more developed as a character than e.g. Bernadette. If she was removed from the show, I'd be disappointed.

    And I agree with Melyanna that the creators did not want us to like Priya - and in my case they also succeeded :)

  7. I seriuosly hope that they just passed out in the same bed.

    As Sheldon would say: highly improbable, judging from the fact that they were both naked and he was hugging her when she woke up.

    Still, I don't think Raj and Penny will end up together, even for a short amount of time. The show has 2 main subjects: the romantic relation between Leonard and Penny, and Sheldon's fascinating weirdness - so such change would be too much. I suppose that for the first episodes of the 5th season Penny and Raj will be terribly embarrassed when in the presence of each other, and the rest will joke about it a couple of times, but then, probably after Priya returns to India (maybe with a little help from Raj) Penny will eventually manage to take Leonard over again.

  8. I've just googled that some universities in US offer MA as well MS in mathematics. This would make sense in Sheldon's case, as math is important for him as a theoretical physicist. Also, remember his irritation when Missy called him 'a rocket scientist'? He apparently prefers anything theoretical to anything practical.

    But this is is just my hypothesis, as I haven't found any confirmation in the show...

  9. OK, thanks, I've just read the 'Master of Arts' entry in the Polish Wiki and I found this also, but I still think that this degree, even if postgraduate, must be the result of studying arts or humanities (or economy, as the entry reveals). It's not that you study physics, get MS, become doctoral student and in the meantime get your MA out of nowhere, right? So, the question still remains: when and how Sheldon acquired his MA (especially that he doesn't esteem humanities much, as shown in the show a couple of times?).

  10. You know what? I can't see why everyone is so concerned with the whole Penny/Raj story. It's certainly not the first time when someone or other of the main characters ended up in bed with someone else just because they were drunk. (It's not very realistic, but again, it's a sitcom.) The amount of Penny's sexual partners had once been estimated accordingly by Amy & Sheldon, and Raj's behaviour can really change after alcohol, so what's so strange? And I cannot see at all what all this has to do with racism. If this was the case, people would react even more angrily to Leonard's relationship with Priya, wouldn't they?

    I think the real problem is that Raj's character gradually becomes less and less likeable: he often behaves like a girl (Tyra Banks's make-up advices, indeed!), is childish and annoying. This goes already too far.

    For me, Sheldon's 'massage' was much more funny, and the whole story about Bernadette's doctorate was the most interesting motive in the episode - and the most annoying at the same time.

    I think that Howard's reaction to Bernadette's announcement was really great. He wouldn't perceive the whole money & position problematic at all if his friends didn't laugh at him. The way it ended (Rolex...) conveyed a message: if a woman earns more than a man, a man is in trouble. OK, I realize it's just a TV show, but I think I expected some kind of a turn of events in the end so that the group would appear more funny (with their neverending pursuit of random women) than Howard (with the fiancee with PhD).

  11. In the epizode 4.13 (The Love Car Displacement) Sheldon begins his speech to the audience of 'Science and Society' lecture with words:

    I'm Dr. Sheldon Cooper, BS, MS, MA, PhD and ScD. OMG, right?

    If he delivered it right and was not mistaken because of stress and/or stage fright, what does the 'MA' means?

    MA stands for Master of Arts and is the title acquired after finishing one's studies in Arts and Humanities, which would imply that after Bachelor course in Science Sheldon took Master course in Science AND Arts, after which he logically acquired both MS and MA degree and pursued PhD course in Science. I guess that PhD and ScD are both connected with his work in physics, as 'Doctor of Philosophy' is in practice roughly equivalent with 'Doctor of Science'. (I'm not sure if this means that he actually has two doctorates.)

    If my reasoning's right and Sheldon indeed has a degree in liberal arts aside from his physics education, what exactly it is? I don't think there is any info about it in other episodes, but I may be wrong. It's hard for me to imagine Sheldon studying literature or art history, so I would bet for history. What are your ideas?

    But again, I'm not thoroughly acquainted with American education system. Any Americans here?

  12. OK, it was my interpretation (as AFAIK there is not, nor was there, any official definition), but I am willing to defend it :)

    I wrote 'traditional', not 'original' (otherwise, I would be wrong, because of the whole thing with circus performers which you described), as I wanted to limit the discussion to the kind of geekiness represented by the characters from BBT. Anyway, people with hobbies which are perceived by others as childish are called kidults, not geeks. The four guys in the show know a lot about science and technology AND are interested in SF, conventions, comic books etc. AND are socially inept - so I think the best definition for this discussion should be based on these three points. Leslie shares all three features, Amy shares two of them (three, if her interest in alternative worlds counts), and the other girls share one or two.

    But I also like your definition saying that geek is a socially awkward person with an eccentric obsession. However, if we embrace her, it turns out that almost all girls in the show are more or less geeky - just as I suggested :)

  13. Incognito - I see the distinction, but I disagree with it ;) Traditionally, a geek was someone at least slightly anti-social, very intelligent and interested in science and computers (maybe including games, but not necessarily) for the sake of itself, not for money. According to this definition, both Amy and Leslie are very geeky - unlike Stephanie, Priya or Bernadette, as they are so good in socializing.

    And it's nice to hear that people want Leslie back. I really miss her!

  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that people tend to dislike geeky girls in the show - or, if they are seen in positive way, it's 'in spite of' their geekiness. The best example is Leslie Winkle, who was often judged as almost as heartless a bitch as gravity - but Amy also annoys many. (Though I agree that secondary female geek characters - like Stephanie and Ramona - are not shown as very sympathetic by the creators of the show. Bernadette may be an exception, but again, she's not really that much geeky.) At the same time, geekiness in male characters is (and no wonder :) ) highly appreciated by the fans.

    If I am right, what's the reason for the double standards? Leslie may be conceited and unromantic, but so is Sheldon. She may treat guys instrumentally, but the guys treat the girls in this way many times in the show. Amy may be too explicit if it comes to bodily matters, but so is Sheldon - and if she displays too much straightforwardness as far as sex is concerned, the same could be said of Howard (at least from earlier episodes). And Ramona was obviously meant to be ridiculous with ther obsessiveness over Sheldon's intellect and all, but this certainly isn't the first occurrence of obsessive behaviour in the show.

  15. I'm not sure Amy changed much. I think that when she talks to the girls, she thinks there is no difference between her behaviour and that of theirs, but it is not true - and they often think that she understands sth they are saying, when she obviously doesn't. Besides, it seems to me that she still treats her social activities as a part of her research.

    IMO the only important change in Amy's recent life has been the discovery of sex. (But still, she is interested in it partially in theoretical way.)

    And, I'm surprised that so many people here are convinced that Amy actually _needs_ change. She devotes most of her time to a (successful) research on brain functions and the rest of it she spends with her friend-who-is-a-boy, which, from her point of view, is the equivalent of carrier & love. She also deals with practical things by herself without any major problems. So, why change? To have sex? Sheldon would have to change more than she for that.

  16. But what exactly did you mean by Amy's behavior? If you meant the drunk kiss, I suspect that any of his friends would have been much more open to it - from any girl - than he.

    I rather had in mind the situation next day, when Amy was confused and he just proposed to 'restore the relationship to the last moment it worked' - which was a perfect solution. I think most guys wouldn't pass over it so lightly.

  17. I think it's pretty normal that people change under the influence of their environment - and Sheldon spends a lot of time with his friends (and 'cherished aquaintances'). I think all the main characters (Raj may be an exception) have changed since the beginning: Leonard is more at ease with women, Howard's manners improved, Penny is more broad-minded...

    And I don't see why Sheldon is perceived as the most annoying or the meanest of the group. I'd say his reacted to Amy's behaviour in the last episode (4/21) more kindly that any of his friends would if they were to face this situation.

  18. I also don't like Priya very much (i.e. I'm not sympathetic towards a character, though I think she's very well played). I guess it's because she's so terribly adult. If you come to think about it, all the other characters (maybe with the exception of Missy) are children inside, every one in his/her own way, while Priya is mature, determined, polite, reserved and well-behaved - an ideal woman, but an awful girl. I have the poster 'I want to believe' (yes, the one from X-Files) in my room and I collect blue d20 dices, and I guess it was to be expected that I don't sympathize with her.

    BTW, did you know that 'Priya' means in Sanskrit 'the beloved one'?

  19. Dancing? Sheldon has stated before that he nor the other Sheldons in the infinite number of universes, dance.

    Allowing that kiss? I kinda expected something more than..."fascinating". Like a total germaphobe freakout maybe.

    Sheldon stated that he doesn't dance, not that he can't dance. For me it sounded like he was expressing his negative attitude towards dancing, not admitted to inability do it. This is consistent with his ironic remarks about 18th century Vienna when he described his dance education to the girls.

    And if it comes to his reaction to the kiss, in some episodes (especially the one about Penny's fall in the bath) it turned out that Sheldon considers himself a gentleman (and the girls made use of that when they were persuading him to 'escort' them). So, he wouldn't intentionally hit a girl, nor 'freak out' from a kiss.

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