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  1. Your premise is that TBBT has been so successful. I most certainly disagree with that! Although the first 3 seasons were excellent (stories, actors, jokes, etc.), the following 3 seasons---and ostensibly the 7th that has just begun---have registered a free-fall in quality. The series is no longer funny, and it has certainly lost its charm; just think of Howard and Raj holding each other's nipples for ~30sec. At times it's just gross ("conspicuously and tastelessly indecent"). I'd be better off watching seasons >2 of Married with Children. I've been a fan of TBBT from the beginni
  2. Although I do not entirely subscribe to all the arguments made here, I also think that the show is losing it (see the 'toilet humour' thread) and that the whole 'gf for everyone' flip is a flop. I also agree that trying to switch TBBT to "normal" sitcom situations, with poor-taste romance and very bad toilet jokes, was a terrible decision. The way the show is evolving is in effect nonsensical and unpredictable and, other than some rare sparkles, each episode is harder to bear than the previous.
  3. As far as I'm concerned, it stopped being so beginning with the 4th season. Up until the end of season 3 it was quite cute, indeed. My main concern with the development is that it takes all the charm out of TBBT (at least most of it).
  4. A bit off-topic regarding my original post, I find the nerd/science humor in season 4 quite dull compared with prev seasons (but I may be biased because of the modified context). And I've also noticed way too many déjà -vus and refurbished/reprocessed jokes and situations. But again, that's not my main point.
  5. There is a difference between (1) making occasional references to sex and stuff adult, as in the first three seasons (I see no problem spicing up the nerdy situations with Leonard's learning from Google how to pleasure Penny, or with the Wolowitz Space Waste-Disposal System, or with Leonard and Penny breaking their bed because of all the action; that was quite cute, really) and (2) basing the entire show on penis envy and tilted uteruses, while making only passing (good) references to nerdish situations. Don't get me wrong: the way it is progressing, I feel that the logical conclusion to t
  6. Dear producers PLEASE stop with the toilet humor. Your series is not Married with Children.., and your target audience is not Al Bundy! I am a big fan of TBBT up until the end of season 3. Beginning with season 4 the show is becoming more and more of a disgrace: Between Howard masturbating with a robot hand, Sheldon farting in Penny's or Leonard's nose, Amy and Sheldon counting and extrapolating the number of guys that Penny had sex with (31, and about 170 dates with different guys), Amy having 185 orgasms or so while participating in scientific experiments, Bernadette having gone out w
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