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  1. Hooligan: Oh... I see... Thanks. I thought it would be something like that. I must say, these new episodes/seasons are better than the old ones. Howard especially is much funnier than in season 1.
  2. Very good episode. But I didn't get what does "brown water" mean. :/
  3. Kolikokoli

    Fan Art

    I was bored the other day so I made these "ponies" TBBT style (Pony Creator)
  4. My favourite characters are Raj and Howard. I didn't like Howard until he met Bernie but now I think he's really funny. And Raj is just adorable :D.
  5. Kolikokoli


    I think that Amy is really good character. I like her. BUT - disgusting speeches of hers (period and stuff) are annoying! They should stop doing this because they're killing this amazing character with it. Eh...
  6. Oh, thanks! I knew Leonard is not so "bad"
  7. Hello guys, we have a big problem with translation, can you help us? Problem is, that we don't know how to translate Leonard's "Not as much as you." Does it means: "Not as much as *I hate* you" or "Not as much as you *hate greek food*"? Some of us thinks its ambiguity, but I don't know. What translate is better? Because in our language is impossible to use both of them.
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