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  1. I don't watch any kind of sport, besides ESL Starcraft 2 ...but my favorite sport to do is Apnea Diving and Kite Boarding, at the moment. Both are really fun.
  2. Its for PC and there is actually a Remake of Part 1 and 2 where you can switch between the old and new graphic/sound. Its really good. They are working on Indiana 3 and 4 now. Played them all ! Old and new!
  3. Hello and welcome from Germany!
  4. I had a WoW account, but right now I have a Starcraft 2 online account and playing every second day 1 or 2 matches, sometimes more. And... Im waiting for Diablo3 !
  5. Thats cool. Can we have a closer look from all directions?
  6. I watched the first two seasons and Howard was very different there. Its more funny....you can laugh about every word. Now, its like Raj and Howard switched. Rach had in the first season not the best jokes, but was better later.
  7. @ Tracer Tong: You were right aboutthe hospital thing. I watched the first two Seasons and Sheldon goes to the Hospital by himself to see Dr. Stephanie Barnett and check himself a bit. Sooo, not afraid of hospitals. Sorry.
  8. I work at the scanner. We have extra buildings for the research scanners. Okay, so we could say...maybe they are right about that. Maybe. Depends on circums. But these are the only two things that could be named?! Okay with me. :D
  9. Go home from work....on the way buy nachos and cheese....and watch TBBT from the beginning. I have a day off tomorrow...so I will see how many episodes I can watch, before I fall asleep.
  10. Im not exactly sure where Beverly Hoffstader works, but in our university you dont have to go to an hospital to get an MRI scan. I mean you wont meet patients or something. There are scanners just for research... to scan healthy people.
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