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  1. ditto grrrrrrrrrr need season 5 now dammit
  2. got all nerdy whilst talkin to a client and started to tell them that the way they set out their living room was ergonomically wrong haha
  3. when is season 5 starting, i know fall but when i cant wait lol im sad i know i really need to get a life if im this excited about a tv show lol
  4. my moms fella is from oz he is well strange haha have a blast
  5. it was funny but i didnt like the old peny character and they had a girl geek in the main cast, didnt work for me
  6. yea im a huge supernatural fan and was very angry at the no. of eps when the strike happend haha
  7. torrentssssssssssssssss!!
  8. any one else have a little crush on bbt girls, or guys if your a girl or a guy who swings that way hehe
  9. Well, today we tried masturbating for money - sheldon Ah gravity, thou art a heartless bitch - sheldon, also my message tone haha Engineering: where the noble semi-skilled laborers execute the vision of those who think and dream. Hello, Ooompa-Loompas of science - sheldon Leonard: Hey, I thought you were with your new buddies. Sheldon: I had to leave. They were having fun wrong. Sheldon: I made tea. Leonard: I don't want tea. Sheldon: I didn't make tea for you. This is my tea. Leonard: Then why are you telling me? Sheldon: It's a conversation starter. Leonard: That's a lousy conversation starter. Sheldon: Oh, is it? We're conversing. Checkmate. too many haha
  10. first get rid of pria, get back on with penny and Lennard much better couple and the difference in their characters made it funny, keep Bernadette very cute and funny but needs depth, Howard needs to be the sleazy Howard again not to the extent as he was cos he is with Bernadette but a little would be funny, was great for raj to get that fling with penny OMG!! i cant wait for season 5 for that outcome haha, i think his character is great as he is, Sheldon is getting funnier in every episode so keep on doin what they are doin with him, would be cool to see him in some more geeky situations eg. when penny gave him the nemoy napkin, Lennard seems to getting a bit to mature and not as playfull as they rest of the cast, bring his uber geek back, and just in general bring back the geeky situations with the social awkwardness for all of them i still find the show really funny but i it would be cool if they had a bit more of that original humor, cant wait for season 5 tbbt ftw
  11. i like her more now then when we first met, its a nice addition to sheldons character, not my fve but i do like
  12. haha u psychic they just did in season 4 was really funny too
  13. I agree i think that they all need to grow as characters other wise it just would be the same thing over and over for however long the show goes on for (ages and ages hopefully hehe) i think that the introduction of 2 other female roles is a smart move because as you said having just penny for 4 seasons would be "weird" plus they help evolve pennys character, i think that having amy there shows another side to sheldon which is very funny as she starts to be influenced by penny and her bestie status with her is great, bernadette is a great addition to the show, not overpowering, funny, and brings out some funny traits in howard and penny, i agree that pria is annoying and doesnt really fit the show but i think she is setting the scene for lennord and penny which is needed, they couldnt just be on-off-on-off all the time with no other partners, that would get annoying, plus its nice to she Raj speking more as there are more scenes with pria which intern mean that Raj is around good to see more of his character evolving, overall i think that the show has gotten better and better from season 1 and cant wait for more
  14. Thanks tripper, I'm sure I will. Good to know I'm not the only BBT fanatic out there:D your defo not hehe welcome again
  15. u mean true blood lol unless she was in rambo, but yea melissa rauch is defo in my top 5
  16. Completely agree. They have to think of the economics too, there are 10-15 million viewers watching this - it won't do to just cater to the ten thousand or so real nerds out there. As long as they keep it smart and funny, and mix it up with at least some geek stuff, I don't mind. I'm in love with the characters now. haha me too!!
  17. TygerPax


    sorry mr tipper xx touche i am thwarted but i stand by my statment that bernadette is awesome
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