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  1. Sheldon and Amy relationship has to grow, so it's kind of given that Sheldon is more and more into Amy. But the ending was funny. Amy is the social awkward and weird one lol Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
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  3. I get what he is saying. To be honest, I mean I laughed, but some of the "jokes" wasn't really funny. But it keeps me entertained. I will tell you that TBBT has gone downhill in my perspective. I no longer in a rush to see what happens next. It's more of I'll see it when I have the time instead of how I used to MAKE time for it
  4. Oh this is pretty cool

    1. simonsayz


      didn't know this site that shit now. pretty neat

  5. It's funny how the OP didn't get flamed, but when I made a thread I got flamed and yes we all know Jim is, but I still love how he plays Sheldon
  6. overall i think this episode was more of an aww instead of hahaha lol if you know what i mean. but i enjoyed it very much I love how Sheldon was all about himself even next to Amy lol
  7. i don't really follow up on gossip magazines or anything, i just enjoy the show. im a fan but don't go through their lives as it's my priority. i enjoy well written stories as well as learning things about the universe and how our world works. im actually not a fan of NPH, but i do see that he is a good actor i have too many things going on in my life so yeah i understand the i-don't-care attitude, but the way he did showed the "gay" or rather feminine side..cuz i know many people who are in the "i don't care" mood don't do that...i mean yeah not many people picked it up... but i picked it up cuz it was sorta odd to me
  8. netmouse, i know it's been a while lol im sure you find it nice to see this every now and then HAHA syd, anyone can see that reply was sarcastic, even HeWolf saw it as "humorous" sarcasm..meaning it was being sarcastic and for being sarcastic proved me right, that's where i mentioned this on my OP, that this isn't a hate thread, i got nothing but love for Jim
  9. I see, that's interesting. The rumours have been posted on the forums for a couple of years now, so I figured you might have seen them before. Still, just because he apparently is gay, it doesn't really mean the walk in that episode was a 'gay walk' or anything. I'm not sure how many people would see that and suddenly think he's gay, but I guess it's possible. well it wasn't just the walk he did, it was how he walked and threw his jacket...i live in NYC, so there are a lot of gay men flaunting so i guess i spotted it lol i don't know why but i couldn't find it on the forum, i kept doing searches and i kept getting no results so i just figured i make a thread
  10. This, in a nutshell. Also, I don't think Jim's sexual orientation is affecting or should affect his portrayal of Sheldon. It doesn't work that way. NPH is gay and he successfully plays the greatest womanizer in the world. It's called good acting. im not saying it is effecting his acting, in fact i couldn't tell until that episode. i actually don't look into their lives because i just don't have the time to. i just enjoy the show, but yeah it kind of...just kind of took me by surprise yeah I found out NPH also not long ago and I'm impress with the great acting
  11. i actually found out he was gay after the werewolf episode, Tripper. so thats how i found out he was gay. I googled after that episode. oh really, Captain Obvious. making a sarcastic comment cuz you have nothing better to say proves me right how ignorant you are. HeWolf, you see what I mean?
  12. lol post something positive Leonard? that makes no sense 2nd, i was the FIRST ONE TO ARGUE WITH CBOLT..it got heated to the point Tripper had to delete them Netmouse, knows me..i was directing at him yes it isn't NEW..but it is NEWS... first reply, was replying in a way like what is the point of this thread and i stated "IF i am being flamed" i didn't say "i am being flamed" and I didn't say it was a rumor..i made this thread because i couldn't find any thread mentioning something like this... maybe a new fan came about and just wanted to know more about each cast. bazingafan - check this out
  13. 39 is the new 29...always subtract 10 years
  14. simonsayz


    i always like Amy, she's super funny i mean there are at times, it's gets a bit ehh, but overall i give her 8 out of 10 for being funny
  15. LOL it doesn't matter if he's gay or not, i didn't say it matters, im just simply talking about Jim himself calm down it's simply news "It doesn't matter what his sexual orientation is. Jim plays a character on the show. Sheldon is not gay and nobody has suggested or stated that Jim wants Sheldon to be a gay character. So, it doesn't look as if the one is affecting the other." and did i say his character is gay? did i say "somebody has suggested or stated Jim wants Sheldon to be a gay character"? read my post before jumping down my throat because if you start putting words in my mouth and start to bash/flaming on me, i'll be sure to respond in the same way yeah i know, but i wanna also see how many people are ignorant on this board, cuz frankly i've been reading this forum and not talking for quite sometime now. i am sure you realized it. unlike the Johnny thread pondering if he's gay, that's someone's opinion and we didn't know at first if he was just a troll I am stating it out right, not wondering or anything. this is NEWS. just like how Kaley got engaged..people were criticizing her. So if im being flamed on this, then i people don't have the decency to understand that this is just an update on Jim. and I am a BIG FAN OF ALL OF THEM. then this particular "Cast and the Crew" shouldn't exist. it's an update on Jim, you know he is a Cast and you know this is under "The Cast & Crew" it's for an open discussion
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