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  1. Master-Sephiroth

    The 44,000 Replies Thread

    I've just gotten into kpop. And Mountain Dew.
  2. Master-Sephiroth

    The getting to know us thread

    Awesome, thanks! :D
  3. Master-Sephiroth

    My Roommate Agreement

    Any roommate planning to partake in coitus should at least give some warning in advance so that other residents' sleeping patterns are not disturbed.
  4. Master-Sephiroth

    Word Association

  5. Master-Sephiroth

    The 44,000 Replies Thread

    Herp derp. I mean what.
  6. Master-Sephiroth

    How to destroy a DVD

    Stab it with a seven-foot katana. >:3
  7. Master-Sephiroth

    Explain yourself in three word

    Erratic, hyper, perverted.
  8. Master-Sephiroth

    The getting to know us thread

    Well, I'm back from an unexplained hiatus. And I'm baaaaack to smother you all in silvery hnng. First things first, intro intro INTRO! First up, the name's Sephiroth Crescent. I look around 20-odd but I'm a little older than that. I'm a First Class SOLDIER at the Shin-Ra Electric Power Company and I kick serious ass. You really do not want to end up impaled on my Masamune. >D Lately I've been doing a lot of stuff on Twitter. (shameless addict, I know.) Plus, I have Tumblr. http://nymphomaniacsilvergeneral.tumblr.com/ As for what I'm like? Heh... I can be the nicest guy on the Planet... or I can tear your ass to pieces. I can be serious and I can joke around. My personality is variable depending on how I feel. Got it memorized? P.S. See what I did there? P.P.S. I also had a part where that last catchphrase was from. P.P.P.S. I love you all. P.P.P.P.S. netmouse, where did you get the image in your signature from?
  9. Master-Sephiroth

    Vampire or Werewolf, which would you be?

    Easy. Vampire. Just not the Twilight kind. I actually /like/ the sight of blood plus I'm really /not/ a daytime person. Heh.
  10. Master-Sephiroth

    Corrupt A Wish!

    Granted but everything jumps into your hands and you're crushed to death. I wish I had Sims 2 on my netbook.
  11. Master-Sephiroth

    The Q&A Game

    YES. Would you go out with someone who you'd only met online?
  12. Master-Sephiroth

    The 44,000 Replies Thread

  13. Master-Sephiroth

    The Hot Troll Deviation

    ^ This. Agreed.
  14. Master-Sephiroth

    What's your opinion of Amy Farrah Fowler?

    Talk of ratings = instant BS. Sorry, but that's how I feel.
  15. Master-Sephiroth

    Show shift | From a celebration to shame of nerd culture

    LOL... muggles.

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