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  1. Talk of ratings = instant BS. Sorry, but that's how I feel.
  2. Master-Sephiroth


    I'd like to see more of Penny. Maybe in the flesh... dipped in chocolate--- crap, er... *shuts up before he makes a total ass of himself*
  3. YESS. KRIPKE ACTION. SHELDON IS ABOUT TO GET PWNED. *notices his over-rape of capslock which may have carried over from Twitter*
  4. It's these little discussions that I like.
  5. I follow Kaley on Twitter. <3 Just sayin'.
  6. Bernadette does the funniest impressions of Howard's mom.
  7. Master-Sephiroth


    At first I didn't like Amy, but I'm starting to warm to her. Some of her comments are a bit... off, shall we say, but the chemistry between her and Sheldon is always funny.
  8. They should have Professor Brian Cox on as a guest in one episode. It'd be funny to see the banter between him and Sheldon
  9. I'll admit the new seasons haven't been as good, but I still like the show. If you don't like it, that's fine but I can't stand constant bitching. I get tempted to stab people. *points to Masamune in hand*
  10. I'm a semi-Shenny, I guess. I like the idea of Shenny but I know if it was included the show dynamic would be altered.
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