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  1. Now I have Twitter too, fresh - only one twitt . https://twitter.com/KatarzynaSumara
  2. Late, late lunch. Working all day, haven't got time to eat yet,
  3. Well, yes - I doubt someone remembers me, but I decided to come back! Just watched the new episode (at last!) and I'm pretty happy with what I saw. Sheldon and Amy are so cute together, that they bring joy to my life :D. The best scene was, of course, with tiara! I couldn't stop laughing :D. Also, pocket watches are cool .
  4. @Imapotato: Can you speak in fluent Russia? Sorry, I couldn't help myself .
  5. Least favourite, Leonard. In last series he was really getting on my nerves and his awkwardness annoys me a little bit (they're all awkward, but I can't explain it). But, it doesn't mean that I don't like him.
  6. I watched a couple of Star Trek episodes a few months ago and... I didn't like it. [don't shoot, please]
  7. My point exactly. And to find someone with whom you can be in a relationship is very tricky and mostly doesn't work.
  8. Relationships and staff - Bad boy was never my type of a guy. I dated "artists" of some sort, intellectual types (musicians, guys interested in art, literature and film, one was a programmer and my last was a "soon-to-be film producer). and all of them were "nice guys", I doesn't mean anything, because at the end of the day most of them were ass-holes. So, these types, to hell with that. And my dear boys, don't think that you are the only ones with relationship problems. Sex - lets be honest, who doesn't like it? And yes, it is a part of a relationship. When you grow a bond with someone, it's just a next step and that's it. It isn't the most important part of a relationship, but I think it's safe to assume and when you are in a good relationship, it's just something that bonds people even closer. Money - lets be hones, who doesn't need it?
  9. I'd call him a bit different but you may ban my for this . We have something similar a few years ago, there was this guy in prison who tattooed "fuck the police" on his forehead. He was in every news in my country, and the government paid for his skin transplant, so he "can go back to a normal life".
  10. But you can see, he's evolving in a way. He is more mature and who knows, maybe some day he'll feel something which will then lead to coitus.
  11. In a part, it has something to do with that. Apart form "spiritual world" (I'm not a spiritual person). For me it's a symbol of a journey which we have to take through life, things we have to learn, people we have to meet, and all of that for me is a reminder of what we have to do to keep going and looking for these few things which make us happy. Can sound a bit stupid, but here it is. Also, it's derived form "Waters" .
  12. I'm back, do you remember me? :D One of my Spanish photos for you . http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/641/p1110877g.jpg/
  13. I have one, a lizard on my left foot, he's called "Wati" (please, don't laugh). Thing about tattoos, you have to think long and hard about it, before you step into a tattoo studio. For me, getting a tattoo because "it is pretty" doesn't make any sense.
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