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  1. Welcome, Dickey... looking forward to reading your contributions
  2. Penny Lane

    Random Q

    Short, with a bit of a fringe. Considering letting it grow again, but the in-between phase scares me...
  3. I knew I couldn't possibly be the first to find the clips They look OLD!! So bad, it's funny... and I cant' even undrstand the words!
  4. I looked to see if someone had opened a previous thread on this, but since I coulldn't find anything... I'm referring to Lorre's vanity card at the end of one of the series 3 episodes. He says that in Belorussia they're airing their own version of Big Bang, called The Theorists, and there was nothing TBBT could do to sue them or stop them. So i looked it up on youtube (where else? )): I guess this would be the these song: the Belorussian Penny (called Natasha according to Lorre): and this would be the first episode, featuring the Belorussian Sheldon :S :
  5. I agree that Johnny's performance doesn't deserve an Emmy. Not saying he's not good. But he's not outstanding. Jim on the other hand has truly made Sheldon shine. And the big bang theory, for that matter. Congrats Jim, well deserved
  6. I should be in my REM sleep but I'm watching curb your enthusiasm instead
  7. um... short hair, since I've had mine cut movies or series?
  8. I'm always amazed whenever I rent a movie at the amount of scratches on the dvd. What on earth do people do with them??? I mean, apart from inserting and removing it from the dvd player! Anyways, I don't have problems with season 2. But the last episode of season 1 freezes at the point when Leonard asks Penny out. So annoying! If i fast forward or try skipping a scene, it jumps to the part where Sheldon is at the Chinese restaurant complaining about his tangerine chicken in mandarine, i.e the last scene
  9. Sheldon a self declared butt man? when was that?! It's not even ringing a bell
  10. i tend to assume that everyone else would already know whatever it is i have to say heh... but here goes: it was Bob Dylan who first introduced the Beatles to marijuana. When they first met, in a hotel, he suggested they have a smoke together. They admitted they had never smoked a joint before and Dylan was like 'so what was the deal with your song, when you say I get high, I get high, I get high!'? (they actually say 'I can't hide')
  11. the way i see it, it doesn't matter if people know what I look like - we're still only an online community. It's not likely I'm going to bump into anyone here at the supermarket No one should feel obliged to put their photo up of course; i just think it's nice to put a face to a (nick)name
  12. The one where Penny gets Sheldon the napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy.
  13. sweet. opera or ballet?
  14. Yummy! éclair (having one right now, while watching BBT ep. 1.8 )
  15. Hannah (it's a palindrome, too :D)
  16. Still, there's that episode when he takes Penny to hospital and he wasn't scared to do it. Or maybe he was so scared he had to drive that he forgot to be scared of hospitals-he was just relieved to get there in one piece :D I do hate these anomalies though. The first time penny and leonard kiss in the hallway and the boys are spying on them, Sheldon observes there was no tongue access, but then this season when Leonard says that someone shoved her tongue down his throat, Sheldon is perplexed and asks why? And whatever happened to Howard the polyglot of the first few episodes? I used to find that funny
  17. nice photo, floyd girl Netmouse, I have the same problem. I have some pretty disturbing photos as a result :S
  18. I will be studying for my portuguese exam this afternoon. why oh why do I always leave it till the last minute??!
  19. I think it's really good that he's doing theatre. I'm sure he's eternally grateful for TBBT, but it must be very difficult for him to shake off the Sheldon-shackles. He needs to do other stuff to avoid being typecast as Sheldon
  20. Hopefully I will be on the bus home. As opposed to waiting at this bus stop as I've been doing the past 20mins :-S
  21. Welcome, Digger. You can get your BBT fix here until season 4 comes out in DVD. I haven't watched it yet either... except for some clips on youtube when,after reading something on this forum, curosity gets the better of me
  22. portrait. whether you mean as in sheet for printing, or as in art would rather live in a city or the country?
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