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  1. OMG, this show is turning into a cesspool. First they are all super nerds that couldn't get laid if their lives depended on it, but now they all have hot girlfriends and they're all getting laid left and right. Now Raj is sleeping with Penny. What's next, and orgy? Logically speaking, that is next in line for this progression of degradation.
  2. According to that picture, they are always being accused of using a laugh track. That should tell them something. Weather they are using a laugh track or a live audience, it is too much. They need to tone it down a bit. Also, how do the sets work? Is the stage like a Disneyland ride where it rotates to the next room, because there are and have been allot of rooms on that show. I would love to see that picture pointed the opposite direction.
  3. I would love this show but the laugh track annoys the hell out of me. The only way the laugh track is only from a live audience is if you're required to get high before getting in to the building. That laugh track is always going, even when there is nothing funny happening. It's ridiculous! They must be using a live audience and a laugh track together. I love comedies and most of my favorite movies are comedies. I have never seen a movie that has a laugh track, so why do TV shows have them? Am I so stupid that a television studio needs to tell me when to laugh? I recently discovere
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