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  1. Nonono. It's not the dumping that makes them a slut, not at all. That kind of things happens and that's ok, but it's how she behave (Penny) that makes me really angry.
  2. She should be stoned! :D Jocking ofcourse, but in regard of you comment and from what we have seen in the last season ... she might feel some pretty big hate waves *shrugs*
  3. There is nothing racist about the ending. The people who calls Penny a slut, well they are right on the spot for a simple reason: SHE dumped Leonard cause, and I remember well that scene, she told Leonard that she said "I love you" so much times that I got burned. Now she met the perfect guy, and she admit that, and she doesn't have the balls to make a step backward and play her cards right. Now I'm one of the guys that didn't like how Raj behaved on Bernadette too: if you are a real good friends no matter what you don't act like that. Alchool could be an excuse, but not the ultimate reset button. There is no way that you can face a person after something like the season ending. Some says that maybe Nothing did happens ... sooo? It's like saying that you shoot somebody but you missed ... okey you missed but you shoot in the first place right? About Pryia ... well another manipulative slut that doesn't have the guts to tell her parents that she is dating a "white chocolate" guy ... she didn't even told Leo that she was going back to India, nobody got the part where she is just having fun with Leonard and then dump him again?
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