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  1. Stiff


    Hello everyone, I joined the forum today and forgot to introduce myself. Anyway, I'm a huge Big Bang fan and happy to see a website like this!
  2. Friends Prison Break Fresh Prince of Bel Air Married with Children and of course The Big Bang Theory
  3. It was confirmed that he would not replace Charlie, but that he'd play a new character. I wonder how they write Charlie out btw.
  4. No, pretty sure we won't. She is always said to be very, very big/fat and by the looks of it, the woman who plays Howards mother isn't that big. So she would be impossible to make an appearance. On the other hand, they can always fill her up with cushions
  5. I think this episode made it pretty clear that they are going for a different angle in season 5. Penny and Priya got along well and I think this might turn into a friendship, meaning Penny will be haning out with Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard again. Mainly because Priya wouldn't mind her being around anymore.
  6. There are many scenes I like. The first two come to mind are the following: I really like it how they make fun of Howards masters degree. Then there is this one: Simply epic.
  7. Stiff


    I liked Priya very much at first, but the moment she got serious with Leonard I felt like it was a big change in the show. Mainly because she is keeping Penny away from the group. I do think that they will let Penny become closer with the group again in the next season. Basicly because she starts to notice that she misses hanging out with the guys, and the fact that she got along with Priya in the latest episode. I think Priya will allow Leonard to see Penny again and that would change the show back again to what it was, even with Priya still there.
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