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  1. Backlash

    4.24 The Roommate Transmogrification (May 19)

    This is the crux of it...bad writing. Having those two jump in the sack was the weakest, most obvious, "Here's how we'll get em to tune in next season." The worst part is it'll work. Sure you gotta go with something stunning and something dramatic to provide a cliffhanger. But they've gotta stay within the safe confines of a comedy....so it's not like someone can get hit by a car or get cancer or something. So they go with the old standby of someone sleeping with someone they're not supposed to. Other notable cliffhanger cliches: Someone gets a new job and has to move away Someone gets pregnant Someone splits up How about something more intricate? Penny's father takes sick and she has to move home to care for him, only to find out he's not her real father and the person who is......*BUM BUM BUUUUUUUUM Sheldon comes down with some neurological condition where he loses his intellect and takes a sudden fascination with tequila The Real Housewives of Retarded County? Or how about one of the cast goes missing? What if Raj, Howard, and Penny walked into the apartment to find it completely cleared out and Sheldon and Leonard no where to be found? They can't find them and get all sorts of strange clues that suggest something very amiss is going on. At the very...a phone rings and the last thing we hear is "Oh...no.." How about a sudden and unexplained character reversal of the entire cast from the moment the finales starts? They all walk in, Raj and Howard are actually cool, Sheldon is caring and empathic, and Penny suddenly starts doing complex calculus....and the entire episode carries on that way and at the end you go "WHAT THE HE11 was THAT? Are we in an alternate universe?" Anything would have been better. Personally, I'd rather have had Penny or Raj get hit by a car. With what happened in the finale....I hope thats the first thing to happen in the first season of Episode 5.
  2. Backlash

    4.24 The Roommate Transmogrification (May 19)

    Penny is a skank: She dumped Leonard, a guy who cared about her...then bangs one of his best friends in his own bedroom because she thinks alcohol is a vitamin. Raj is a pathetic worm. He slimed around Bernadette for a bit waiting for Howard to make a wrong move...and now moves on to Penny. The writers of this show are sinking this ship. Where there was once smart writing, clever comedy, and great character development there is now poor dialogue, bad storylines, and stupid stunts designed to provoke a reaction worthy of the Real Housewives of Whore County. The Raj and Penny thing was just the straw that broke the camels back on a two-year slide for this show. Unless they find the intelligence, charisma, and innovation that marked the first two seasons very soon...this show will receive it's pink slip very soon.
  3. Backlash

    4.24 The Roommate Transmogrification (May 19)

    Uggh...HATED that ending. Penny reveals herself to be a skank and Raj is a two-faced pathetic friend who first wanted to jump Bernie then moves straight onto Penny. What a way to ruin two likeable characters.

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