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  1. I think it would be great to add in some math jokes. Just like the good old days when they catered to people with some physics background. Remember the "Spherical chickens in a vacuum" - a classic physics joke. The fact that some people wouldn't understand shouldn't stand in the way of them adding in a few jokes for those who do.
  2. Its nice to see that Sheldon's real character is finally being discussed. I've noticed him changing from being a socially inept science nerd to a real jerk over the past few seasons, but very few people seem to see it. His attitude towards women is disgusting, his attitude towards his friends is disgusting, his attitude towards Amy is disgusting (I don't care much about this as I really don't like her character). Of course, they have also been working hard to ruin the other characters as well, but what they have done to Sheldon is astonishing.
  3. (Not sigleing you out or anything SRAM) Why does anyone care if Penny uses a vibrator? It seems to me that a lot of women (and men) use them.
  4. Hey Disgusted. Long time no chat. I think I'll try to find this thread where people are offended and see what is happening.
  5. Holy cow. I'm amazed that this thread isn't being flamed. I remember a few years ago when some of us started pointing out that the show was turning into a "rom-com" and we'ed be trashed. I guess it's getting harder and harder to pretend that the show hasn't changed since it started.
  6. D'oh Sorry, I thought your comment "That was Levar Burton, not Brent Spiner" was in reference to the first sentance in SodidIwin's comment, not the second.
  7. So, here goes... (This for all the people who have been tired of my incessant whining over the past few seasons) I finally saw this episode and I thought it was very funny. The writing around the comic book discussions was top notch.
  8. So, I guess I'm the one who has to take care of this. It was Brent Spiner, not Levar Burton who opened the action figure. Levar has been on the show a couple of times before, but it was Brent who was at Will's party. http://bigbangtheory.wikia.com/wiki/Brent_Spiner
  9. You should have seen it after the Raj / Penny sex debacle. There were a lot of people who came to this board to find and talk to other fans who didn't like the changes to the show. We got shut down and most of us got chased out of here. So this, unfortunately, isn't anything new.
  10. But on another note... No one seems to be talking about the most interesting revelation in the show. They have now pointed out the Sheldon isn't really all that smart. Sure Sheldon is a smart guy, but Kripke is apparently way ahead of him. What ever happened with the idea that Sheldon is a genious? Sheldon is being "normalized" to the point that there won't be anything special about him.
  11. Not to worry. You probalby don't know djvang. This was sarcasm.
  12. Why is putting a model train engine in ones mouth stupid? Really? Why is putting a model train engine in ones mouth stupid? Sorry, I just had to write that down again. Thats it. I'm out of here. I haven't been to this forum for a while and thought I'd poke my head in for a bit, but I just can't see the point of trying to justify my position on this one. TTFN folks.
  13. Well, how about this then? Regardless of Sheldons' germophobia, putting a train engine in ones mouth is just plain stupid.
  14. Funny that. You see, I have a different view on things than you do. Perhaps we have different interests. Your suggestion that I "just wanted to see a bunch of lonely brillant young men make jokes and get into funny situations until that got old and the show was cancelled" implies that you see a limit to the possibilities within what I'll call "nerd culture" and that they needed to inject change (new characters, etc.) to keep the show going. While I agree that this is probably true for some, it isn't for me. I would love the show to have continued as it was. In my opinion "nerd culture" has limitless possibilities. I mean, come on, how many popular shows (don't forget that the show often had 15-16 million viewers back in season 3) make the changes that Big Bang has? Sienfeld, Friends, etc. didn't start adding main characters after they were already popular.
  15. This question has been posed many times and it always confuses me. Why should people only discuss things that they like and not discuss things that they don't like? People come to internet forums to discuss things of interest with other people. The show may not be my favorite any more, but it is still of interest. I was an obsessed fan of the show for years and there are still a few people around who share my position despite the fact that I am now in the minority. A year ago there were more of us around.
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