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  1. I think it would be great to add in some math jokes. Just like the good old days when they catered to people with some physics background. Remember the "Spherical chickens in a vacuum" - a classic physics joke. The fact that some people wouldn't understand shouldn't stand in the way of them adding in a few jokes for those who do.
  2. Its nice to see that Sheldon's real character is finally being discussed. I've noticed him changing from being a socially inept science nerd to a real jerk over the past few seasons, but very few people seem to see it. His attitude towards women is disgusting, his attitude towards his friends is disgusting, his attitude towards Amy is disgusting (I don't care much about this as I really don't like her character). Of course, they have also been working hard to ruin the other characters as well, but what they have done to Sheldon is astonishing.
  3. (Not sigleing you out or anything SRAM) Why does anyone care if Penny uses a vibrator? It seems to me that a lot of women (and men) use them.
  4. Hey Disgusted. Long time no chat. I think I'll try to find this thread where people are offended and see what is happening.
  5. Holy cow. I'm amazed that this thread isn't being flamed. I remember a few years ago when some of us started pointing out that the show was turning into a "rom-com" and we'ed be trashed. I guess it's getting harder and harder to pretend that the show hasn't changed since it started.
  6. D'oh Sorry, I thought your comment "That was Levar Burton, not Brent Spiner" was in reference to the first sentance in SodidIwin's comment, not the second.
  7. So, here goes... (This for all the people who have been tired of my incessant whining over the past few seasons) I finally saw this episode and I thought it was very funny. The writing around the comic book discussions was top notch.
  8. So, I guess I'm the one who has to take care of this. It was Brent Spiner, not Levar Burton who opened the action figure. Levar has been on the show a couple of times before, but it was Brent who was at Will's party. http://bigbangtheory.wikia.com/wiki/Brent_Spiner
  9. You should have seen it after the Raj / Penny sex debacle. There were a lot of people who came to this board to find and talk to other fans who didn't like the changes to the show. We got shut down and most of us got chased out of here. So this, unfortunately, isn't anything new.
  10. But on another note... No one seems to be talking about the most interesting revelation in the show. They have now pointed out the Sheldon isn't really all that smart. Sure Sheldon is a smart guy, but Kripke is apparently way ahead of him. What ever happened with the idea that Sheldon is a genious? Sheldon is being "normalized" to the point that there won't be anything special about him.
  11. Not to worry. You probalby don't know djvang. This was sarcasm.
  12. Why is putting a model train engine in ones mouth stupid? Really? Why is putting a model train engine in ones mouth stupid? Sorry, I just had to write that down again. Thats it. I'm out of here. I haven't been to this forum for a while and thought I'd poke my head in for a bit, but I just can't see the point of trying to justify my position on this one. TTFN folks.
  13. Well, how about this then? Regardless of Sheldons' germophobia, putting a train engine in ones mouth is just plain stupid.
  14. Funny that. You see, I have a different view on things than you do. Perhaps we have different interests. Your suggestion that I "just wanted to see a bunch of lonely brillant young men make jokes and get into funny situations until that got old and the show was cancelled" implies that you see a limit to the possibilities within what I'll call "nerd culture" and that they needed to inject change (new characters, etc.) to keep the show going. While I agree that this is probably true for some, it isn't for me. I would love the show to have continued as it was. In my opinion "nerd culture" has limitless possibilities. I mean, come on, how many popular shows (don't forget that the show often had 15-16 million viewers back in season 3) make the changes that Big Bang has? Sienfeld, Friends, etc. didn't start adding main characters after they were already popular.
  15. This question has been posed many times and it always confuses me. Why should people only discuss things that they like and not discuss things that they don't like? People come to internet forums to discuss things of interest with other people. The show may not be my favorite any more, but it is still of interest. I was an obsessed fan of the show for years and there are still a few people around who share my position despite the fact that I am now in the minority. A year ago there were more of us around.
  16. Well, gee, thanks for that. I happen to be one of the old time fans who has mostly stopped watching the show (even reruns) because of the changes. The laughs are fewer and I find the relationship focus to be annoying. This has changed the show for me. Originally I considered it to be a unique show that I could relate to as the characters were so like me and the culture that was depicted was so familiar. However, I find that I just can't identify with the characters any more. You are absolutely right that there is no substitute. I've seen IT Crowd and Community, but these do not interest me as much as the original big bang did. This is probalby why I am often negative when discussing the show. It is unfortunate that they found a different, demographic that allowed the show to become more popular. My problem is that I like so few shows that are on the air that to have have a show that I loved change into a show that I don't love any more has been somewhat depressing. As for the suggestion that only a "very small set of viewers" may have stopped watching the show, I would disagree. There were many members of this forum who we don't see here any more because of the changes. While the number of people who have left the fan base may be small, the phrase "very small set" is unfortunate as it is dismissive of those that have left. The only thing one can say is that the number who have left appears to be less than the number of new fans. The reason I say "appears" is that the group that tabulates the ratings have acknowledged that they changed the rating system between seasons 4 and 5 so there is technically no way to tell if the ratings have gone up or down since then. I will, however, go with the popular opinion that the ratings have indeed gone up although the only evidence for this is the opinion of many industry insiders.
  17. N gage model train engines are small, made of plastic and various metals with lots of tiny moving parts and various lubricants. You could not put one in an autoclave as this would probably melt the plastic and the steam would ruin the electrical parts. You could not put it in any cleaning solution as this would ruin the electrical parts. If you cleaned the outside with something, it would not clean the inside or any of the external moving parts (wheels, springs, etc.). Model engines are not "sealed" in any way and there are multiple openings that could allow saliva to come into contact with the inside of the engine if inserted in one's mouth. They are typically assembled in China or some other manufacturing location where the conditions are not similar to a "clean room" as is done when manufacturing things like integrated circuits. When used (played with) the engine traverses a track that is in the open air and would accumulate particles of dust (read dead skin cells) on the wheels. All in all, a small model train engine would not be clean enough for a germaphobe to put into their mouth. This ignores the other problem that a scientist would not put a small electrical device into a wet environment anyway. The saliva in one's mouth could potentially get into the inside of the engine and could foul the electronics as well.
  18. Here we go again.... Forum user: The show seems to have changed somewhat in one way or another. 1000 other forum users: WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? 1000 other forum users: THE SHOW HASN'T CHANGED AT ALL SINCE IT STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1000 other forum users: EVERYTHING IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN. 1000 other forum users: REMEMBER IN EPISODE 1, WHEN CHARACTER X DID BLAH BLAH BLAH. On the other hand, I heartily agree that there have been a lot of changes (or growth for those who like the changes) to all of the characters including Sheldon. While this seems to be in line with the desires of some fans, I think that it diminishes the uniqueness of the characters. As for Sheldon and germs, I think the worst was his putting the train engine (that could never have been cleaned) in his mouth. Completely out of character.
  19. I'm not sure that I would agree with this. While it is true that the show has gained a lot of fans since "the scene", it has also lost some. There has been a net gain for the show over the past year and a half, but the viewership could perhaps have been even higher if they hadn't alienated the set of fans who have left because of the "the scene" and other changes to the show.
  20. a) did you like it - No. It destroyed the fundamental chemistry of the show. b ) was it necessary - No. It was stupid, stupid, stupid. The whole "we won't call it sex because the tip didn't get inserted" non-resolution nonsense was insulting. c) who was at fault Raj/Penny/Both - Both but more so Raj. d) was it a betrayal to Leonard - Yes - Both Penny and Raj showed us all that they do not have any deep feelings of friendship towards Leonard. e) any other thoughts - I find it interesting that you can have a thread called "the Raj / Penny scene" and there is no doubt in anyones mind that you are referring to the season 4 finale which was a year and a half ago. I think that this shows how much that scene affected the fan base. First off, you can't travel at the speed of light. You could theoretically travel at 99.999999999999999...% of the speed of light at which point if you looked in a mirror you would see yourself. That is the basis for the theory of relativity. Light travels at the speed of light relative to the observer (in this case both you and the mirror since they are motionless with respect to each other) regardless of how fast they might be moving themselves.
  21. Since this is a Chuck Lorrie show, I'll also add the option for Raj to get drunk and have a threesome with Howard and Bernadette.
  22. And the odd thing was that they knew it was a big deal for the fans. At the comic-con between seasons 4 and 5 Prady even talked about the upset fans and that the writers would need to come up with a solution that everyone would like. Then they do the whole non-resolution thing and fixed the issue permanently into the shows backstory.
  23. Easily Penny and Raj having sex is the worst thing that happened to this show. For me this was the shark jumping moment and it has cast a shadow over the whole show. I don't watch the show as much any more.
  24. Well, at the very least, the spanking scene should put to rest any talk about the show not having changed since the early seasons.
  25. So, how would this be for you Shenny shippers? Sheldon realizes that he finally wants to get physical with Amy, but realizes that he doesn't know what to do so he asks Penny for advice. Penny tries to explain, but Sheldon just doesn't get it, so Penny suggests that she show him and they head off to the bedroom. When they come out of the bedroom (Sheldon with a big dumb smile on his face), Amy is there wondering what is going on. After Penny explains, Amy is all happy and asks Penny to teach her too, so the three of them head back to the bedroom. That should keep everyone happy - The Shenny shippers, the people who want Amy and Sheldon to finally have sex, and the people who seem to think that the show needs more sexual inuendo. Amy's longing to have sex with Penny would finally be realized. This would be a ratings bonanza.
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