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    prady on season 6

    Just so you know, you don't have to try to justify your way of looking at the show. Many people do look at the show like this. (and by the way, I don't want to downplay the time you took putting together a very detailed post). It's just that I don't see the show this way. I suppose I could create a long list of why the show was predominantly science / geek oriented to justify my position. In fact, I could probably create a list to justify why the show has always been about bottled water (they do drink bottled water in almost every episode). The point is that different people see things differently depending on their personal interests and psychological makeup. Those who like the increasing relationship part of the show have come out the winners of this little game. Those, like me, who don't enjoy the relationship part of the show - not so much.
  2. This is why I've always wondered why people think the show is primarily about Sheldon. To me, Leonard has always been the main focus of the show.
  3. 4ofN

    prady on season 6

    the problem is that the relationship drama is taking over. that is where they are spending all of the time so, no , i don't think they can have both. they are adding more and more relationship drama to the exclusion of all else. Not for me. I always felt that the relationship stuff was background. The real point of the show was the nerd / geek / science culture. The worlds of science, gaming, comics etc. are infinite. There could be lots of things that they do. Growth could be in different / new games, new gaming machines, ability - perhaps one of the guys could get involved in professional gaming. Perhaps they could deal with more new science or some fun science. For instance, my father was a physics prof and he had tons of cool demonstrations that he would do for his students. The only thing that matters is if you are interested in those things. If you aren't then that would be boring. But for people like me who love this stuff, you could go on forever with interesting storylines. And there you have it. A perfect example of how someone who doesn't like nerd / geek / science culture sees it. Please tell me that this isn't how you saw the first three seasons.
  4. 4ofN

    prady on season 6

    It all depends on why you are watching the show. If you watch because of the relationships then sure, no relationship growth means boring. But if you watch the show for the science / nerd / geek side of things, then relationship growth is itself boring because its been done so many times on so many shows and it takes up all of the time and gets in the way. Now if they kept exploring the science / geek / nerd culture and had the characters explore and grow in that direction it would be fabulous.
  5. 4ofN

    prady on season 6

    How depressing. I had been hoping that they would at least pretend that this was still a show about geek / nerd / science culture, but it looks like they're going further down the soap opera path.
  6. Babies? Kids? How boring and awful would that be? Please, don't have the characters start families.
  7. I'd go with Leslie, but only if you bump Amy off of the show. There are too many full time cast members as it is.
  8. Actually Sheldon (incorrectly*) calculated that it was just over 30. * Sheldon's problem is, I think, related to his being a theorist. If you get the assumptions wrong, you won't get the right answer and Sheldon often makes incorrect assumptions. In this case, the use of a bell curve as the distribution given very little data. He also left out the 4 years Penny was with Kurt in what should be assumed to be a monogamous relationship.
  9. Interesting poll results. At this point it is 18 to 3 for science, yet whenever there is a post suggesting that they reduce the relationship aspect of the show and shift the focus back to science / nerd / geek goodness, the replies will be overwhelmingly pro relationship. Very curious.
  10. But that's the thing. None of these shows have anything to do with reality or how people live. They are artificial shows that are primarily about conflict and don't reflect how people really behave. If people really did behave like they do on these shows, I would suggest nuking the entire planet and letting evolution have another go at it.
  11. i find it bizarre that shows like Big Brother even exist. The fact that TV has been almost entirely taken over by these so called "reality" shows makes me sad.
  12. Oh my god. They don't rent cars at airports, do they?
  13. Oh, you'll hear about how there isn't a laugh track and that it is all audience laughter. But then you'll also hear that they edit the audience laughter to enhance it etc. I'm not sure what the qualitative difference is between a laugh track and edited audience laughter, but this seems to be a common point of contention.
  14. He still has to read something once to remember it. So did someone else fill it up and leave it for him like a basket full of easter eggs?
  15. My 'elephant in the room' is the Raj / Penny sex scene. Every time Raj or Penny are on screen, we know he is a dirt bag and we know that neither of them have deep feelings for Leonard. But the characters interact as if it never happened. That is interesting about the card catalogue. I just went back to "The Staircase Implementation" and the card catalogue was in the apartment before Leonard moved in. Considering the Sheldon is supposed to have an eidetic memory, I too am curious about why it is there.
  16. It seems to me that there are several questions here. 1. If Kaley left, could a different actor take on the role of Penny? Yeah could be done, but it would be awkward. I would imagine they would chose instead to create a Penny clone. 2. If Kaley left, could a different actor play the part of a Penny clone? You could do this as easily as dropping Jim and having another actor play the role of the wacky roommate. You would have a ratings hit, but if the writing is as good as everyone says it is then the show would still go on. This is what they did with 3 and 1/2 men. That show didn't seem to change at all (it sucked then and it sucks now). 3. Could you drop the Penny character altogether? I doubt it. The Penny character is one of the 3 central characters in the show. It would be hard to imagine how they could keep going without a socially adept, non-nerd character for Leonard and Sheldon to play off of. You would also lose Leonard's muse. There are a lot of posts about how the show has been about relationships from the pilot because of the Penny / Leonard interaction and also that "The Big Bang" is a metaphor for the impact that Penny has on Leonard and Sheldon. Given that, it would seem impossible to change this central role significantly without there being a negative impact with the fans. To me, the Penny character is way more important than the Raj or Howard characters. For instance they completely dropped the original Howard character and replaced him with a different character (admittedly played by the same actor). This has caused some ripples with some fans liking the new Howard and some lamenting the lose of the old Howard, but this hasn't had any real impact on the show.
  17. But is is our duty to witness to those who don't believe. We must bring them to the light of truth. How else will they be saved?
  18. 4ofN

    If you ...

    Raj because he is a dirt bag. Second would be Sheldon. You couldn't get rid of either Penny or Leonard and still have a show that holds true to the original shows premise.
  19. Thats not a theory. Thats a hypothesis. One that I find to be ridiculous.
  20. I guess thats the thing. Some people think that TBBT is a relationship based sitcom. Some of us don't agree with that.
  21. How about "The Douchebag Validation" I know that lol is overused, but I actually lol'ed. I was just going to post "The Roommate Transmogrification Duplication", but "The Douchebag Validation" is much better. :icon_lol: Still LoL :icon_lol: Followup episode - The Rationality Avoidance Scene: Raj, Howard, Bernadette in Bernadette's apartment. Howard: Whats going on with you two? Bernadette: Nothing, all we did was hold hands and kiss a little. Raj: Yeah, and then we got naked and hopped into bed. Bernadette: But then just before, well, "it" happened, Raj had a bit of a um, well in spaceman terms, a "premature liftoff". Howard: Whew, you had me going there for a minute. I thought maybe you'd cheated on me. Raj and Bernadette at the same time: You know I'd never cheat on you. Raj and Bernadette glance at each other awkwardly. And they all lived happily ever after. The End. Note the cool science references. The episode actually contains the terms spaceman and liftoff. No-one can say this show isn't still all about geeky, nerdy, science-y whatever stuff.
  22. I agree. Also, I feel that Priya was basically a plot device to a) make Penny realize that she lost something good (which often happens when someone else gets it), show the viewers how much nicer and more suited for Leonard Penny is. Both devices seemed to work. And we disliked Priya because we were supposed to dislike her and wish her gone. Oh god no. We've been manipulated.
  23. The problem I saw with Priya was that she didn't seem to actually like Leonard. She was always trying to change him. She wanted him to wear contacts when they hurt him, she wanted to change the way he dressed. She didn't understand the fact that he liked gaming and couldn't understand why they all cared when Sheldon's virtual stuff got stolen. She couldn't accept his friendship with Penny. So Priya gone = good for Leonard.
  24. Urban Terror mod for Quake III. Its old, but it's how we always end our lan parties.
  25. I could imagine that Howard would cheat on Bernadette. I wouldn't want it and it wouldn't be right for the show, but I wouldn't put it past Chuck and Bill. They seem to like the idea of doing annoying things just to stir things up. ... the story of Raj and Penny sleeping together came up. Chuck was so amused by how strong my reaction was that he was like, 'Well, now we have to do it!' Who knows, it could spur on some growth and change and evolution of the characters which is apparently what the fans want.
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