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  1. Getting back to the title of this thread... The fact that they would consciously write in the Raj / Penny hookup knowing that it would be shocking and would impact the future of the characters makes me think that they don't have any limitations on what they would do. They have lied to us before about their future intent, so the fact that they have said that Sheldon and Penny would never happen is irrelevant. They will do whatever they want to do and nothing, no matter how abhorrent to any one set of fans, is off the table.
  2. I so hope that they don't add Amy and Bernadette to the title shot.
  3. While I understand the desire to just say 'water under the bridge, let's move on", this issue still impacts the show. This issue has, for many people, done serious damage to both Raj and Penny's characters. You can't just ignore it. It is always there in the background as a part of the show. When either of them walks on stage, they bring with them all of their past history. When I see Raj talking to Leonard I know things about him. Raj is Indian, he is from a wealthy family, he is in the states on a visa, he is an astrophysicist, etc. All of these background traits make up the character and are the basis for the interaction and humour that the character brings to the scene. As a result of the Raj / Penny hookup, whenever Raj is on screen we now also know a couple of other things about him. He is a dirt bag and not actually Leonard's friend. This impacts every scene. The same is true for Penny. That incident (along with being a bully, a thief, etc.) also colours every scene she is now in. I know, I know, there are also lots of positive characteristics for both Raj and Penny. I'm not saying that they or any of the other characters are all bad, but unfortunately the Raj / Penny hookup is something that is now a permanent part of the backstory of the show. While some people don't have a problem with Penny and Raj having sex - or are in denial - the fact that this is a very disturbing part of the backstory for some other people is strongly indicated by the vehemence with which the issue is still discussed.
  4. What? Are you mad? The Big Bang Theory? Short form TBBT? Don't you know what else TBBT stands for? It also stands for "True Balance Bracelet Technologies". This whole show is just a giant marketing scheme to get us all to buy True Balance Bracelets.
  5. For me it's a toss up. I'd say the season 4 finale with Raj / Penny. This was despicable. However, the season 5 premier could have resolved it but didn't so I guess that was really worse. There have been some other stinkers this season, but the other one I find that I keep referring to is The Speckerman Recurrence. That show was pro-bullying and also let us know that Penny is a bully and a thief.
  6. Frankly the possibility had never occurred to me and Sheldon does seem to almost worship Leonard's mother. I have to admit that there could be some very humorous scenes if Sheldon was Leonard's step father. That's one father and son talk that I would like to see. I would also like to see Sheldon's mother meeting her new daughter-in-law. :D Please note here that 4ofN is using /sarcasm. Are you sure? I am. 4ofN, please clarify. Pomita, Pomita, Pomita. You know me so well. However, before I admit to anything I have to point out that what I said is perfectly consistent with other posts I have seen on this forum. People have proposed that "big bang" in the title refers to the collision of "nerd" (the guys) vs. "normal" (Penny) worlds and so the show has always been primarily about relationships. Others have suggested that "bang" refers to sex and so sex between the various people was in the mix from the start. People have also stated that they would like to see various couplings between characters purely for the humour that would result - regardless of consistency with the character’s pasts or with regard to what implications it would have on the character’s futures. Then, of course, the idea of character growth at all costs is important because so many viewers seem to think they would get bored if the show was actually just about nerd culture. So Pomita, you are correct. You caught me. It was a little experiment - with interesting results. Some posters did think that this scenario might be good for the humour alone. Do you have any ethical qualms about human experimentation? It is one of the few forms of interaction with people that I don’t find repellent.
  7. Its just that since the writers did Raj / Penny, they could do anything regardless of rationality, consistency, or concern for the burden on the characters futures. Thats what annoys me about Amy hitting on Penny. It used to be that you would never consider that they would actually put Penny and Amy together. Now, who knows, Penny / Sheldon? Raj / Bernadette? Sheldon / Leonards mother? Anything at all is possible. As sick as it may be Leonard's mother might be better for Sheldon than Amy. In season 4 Amy was just like Sheldon. This isn't sick, this is The Big Bang Theory. Obviously the title of the show has several meanings. One is that the word "Big" refers to "grownups" and this obviously implies that the idea of inter-generational relationships was "canon" from the shows inception. After all, just imagine the humour and character growth that would happen if Sheldon took on the role of Leonard’s father.
  8. Never ending debate, lol. All it takes is that one person to say they are for and you've got what we have now. because then someone eventually agrees with that one person and then eventually you get a somehow equally debate. All in good fun and interesting conversation, I dig it. For those arriving late, the following is a summary of this thread so far. A: I'm right B: No. I'm right. A: What are you talking about. You're wrong and I'm right. B: lol. No. I'm right. A: How can you say that? I'm right B: No I'm right. ... B: How can you think that? Obviously I'm right. A: Why are you such a poo-poo head? I'm right. B: You're the poo-poo head. I'm right. ... Tripper: Some of the posts have been deleted. Please be civil. ... A: I'm right B: No. I'm right. EDIT: Actually a summary of many threads.
  9. Same actors, but different characters. Not similar jokes, not similar situations, overall similar, but quite different same show. For me the changes (evolution - growth - shark jumping - decline) are the problem.
  10. Its just that since the writers did Raj / Penny, they could do anything regardless of rationality, consistency, or concern for the burden on the characters futures. Thats what annoys me about Amy hitting on Penny. It used to be that you would never consider that they would actually put Penny and Amy together. Now, who knows, Penny / Sheldon? Raj / Bernadette? Sheldon / Leonards mother? Anything at all is possible.
  11. Astonishing. Do you really think that the writers / producers don't engage focus groups and do polling to determine what direction to take the show in? How can you explain the radical re-tooling of the show to re-direct it to the mainstream, lowest common denominator? They started off with a popular show focusing on nerds / geeks / scientists and turned it into a show about relationships. The humour is different now, the plotlines are different. I can't imagine that a group of people who came up with the original show - which was the show that originally became popular - would just switch gears without some kind of input from somewhere. I would imagine that they discovered that even though there were a certain set of people watching the show, that if they re-tooled it they could take it to a different but larger group that would be more likely to buy whatever products the advertizers wanted to sell.
  12. agree, agree, agree. Sure it would be nice to have some relationship stuff in the show. But please, not all of this conflict. The show was originally about finding humour within "nerd culture", but now it's just like almost every other show out there. Why do some people want to turn a unique show into something that is just "run of the mill ".
  13. In case you haven't noticed, some of us who don't like the direction of the show are still somewhat obsessed with it. Obvious truth is obvious. So now I will turn the question around (as I will do every time I see this question as I have already answered it multiple times). Why would anyone who must have disliked the show so much as to desire "evolution of the characters" or "growth" or whatever have not only kept watching it, but through focus groups or feedback or however else opinion is sent to the writers, actively influenced the change from the original premise to the relationship centric show that it is today?
  14. No so much hate for the show as hate for what the writers have done to a show I used to love.
  15. I'm sorry Leonard + Penny, I don't mean to be rude or anything, but that is probably the most depressing and sickening vision for this show that I have ever heard.
  16. I agree with the OP. The show has gone downhill in my opinion. I liked the science. Some say that characters need to evolve to keep interesting and Moonbase above even said that "the subject of nerd culture had a limited life span". I think that these things are only true for someone who isn't a nerd / geek / science lover. I think that nerd culture and science have an almost infinite range of possibilities and new storylines - but this is because this is my life and these things will always be of interest to me. My position is that "the subjects of relationships and character growth have a limited life span". This stuff has been rehashed on a million shows so what could possibly be new about those? The only way to keep this stuff interesting is to keep pushing it more and more to the extreme. That’s how we get Penny and Raj hooking up, Amy hitting on Penny, Leonard turning into more and more of a douche, and the destruction of the Sheldon character. I doubt that the show will get back to it's roots. They have made the characters, in my opinion, so unlikeable now. They have lost their original innocence. Moonbase, again, made a good point that the show is now ABOUT nerds. I would go even further and say that the humour is now often at the expense of nerds rather than being made within the nerd culture. It's as if they know that the show is now aimed at a non-nerd audience who laugh when nerds do silly things (train engine in mouth) or who think it is funny when nerds get bullied.
  17. 4ofN


    Good point. It looks like it will be Howards turn next.
  18. I want going to list everything, geesh. No of these seem to would interest her, I know she watches sci-fi and Comic book movies but is because she likes it or isher cable out? I'm not sure who Sonars is but I'm going to assume you mean Leonard, he probably keeps up with current events now I could see him actually reading cosmo if he thought it would help and if it was a current relationship "trend" Don't forget, Leonard read "Eat, Pray, Love" on Penny's recommendation. I can't imagine anything that would be further from Leonards regular reading list than that.
  19. I could have believed that Jim might be losing interest in the job, after 5 years of doing it, and not performing with his heart (hence the characterization going down), if he hadn't gone on record to say exactly the opposite. From his interviews, it seems clear that Jim is an avid lover of the Sheldon/Amy relationship, and he says again and again that he finds it fascinating to play his scenes with Mayim and the transformations in Sheldon that this relationship brings. To quote, for example: So he doesn't see it as a decline, he sees it as a subtle change that prevents him from losing interest, if anything. Also, with the ratings and accolades at their peak at this time, I don't think any of the cast can be realistically feeling that things are going downhill. Another thing - I don't think Sheldon has behaved in a meaner way lately, at all. I'm surprised why you feel that way. He has certainly behaved in a goofy and generally out-of-character way at times recently, but this has involved trying to be friendlier and more human, if anything. I think his egoism and arrogance were much more apparent in the 'old Sheldon', especially in the earlier seasons. Sheldon in season 1 would never consider apologizing sincerely to anyone, for example. Funny. I see Sheldon as getting a lot meaner now. He regularly insults people with intent whereas he used to say things that were only inadvertently insulting. I kind of see him turning into his mother.
  20. I think that the Penny / Raj hookup increases the possibility that they could hook Penny and Sheldon up big time. Prior to Raj/Penny, I considered that the writers would try to do things that were reasonable or that at least held true to the characters in the show. Having Raj and Penny hook up showed that the writers will do anything at all - no matter how despicable, contrary to the premise of the show or to the characters that had been developed up until then. After Raj/Penny I can imagine Penny/Sheldon, Raj/Bernadette, Leonard/Amy or any other combination of two or even three of the characters. It wouldn't even surprise me at this point if the Raj/Bernadette hand holding in the finale was a setup for an eventual Raj/Bernadette/Howard threesome. After all, we have a precedent during the stag when, contrary to previous storylines, we discover that Howard and Raj have already taken part in a threesome.
  21. Actually he has. Actually he has. I don't think you actually understand genetics.
  22. Leonard doesn't take other people's ideas and call them his own. Leonard is an experimental physicist and that means doing some original work, but it also requires that he do some amount of validation of the work that other people do. This is how the scientific process works - many people must repeat an experiment to validate it before it is accepted. The whole idea that Leonard is "ripping off" other scientists is purely coming from Sheldon. When Sheldon says things like this he is either being a dick or illustrating that he doesn't have a grasp of, or an appreciation of, the scientific process. When the show started Leonard was the central character. Sheldon was just the quirky roommate. As the show progressed I guess a lot of people liked the Sheldon character so they gave him more and more of a central role. I would say that Leonard is still the central character. Without him there would be no reason for any of the others (except Amy perhaps) to ever interact with Sheldon at all.
  23. Sheldon conforming to social convention? Now it really sounds like they've broken him. I agree. This was not 'out of the blue' or 'morally despicable' as was the Raj situation. It's just that they have taken the Sheldon character way far away in a direction that I find uninteresting and incongruous. The similarity between Raj's and Sheldon's situations is, to me, the fact that they have both been changed in ways that I think make them incompatible with the initial premise of the show.
  24. Season 1, Season 3, Season 2, going to the dentist, getting a hangnail removed, attending a funeral, Season 4, Season 5. Season 5 was the worst. This is when they actively started mocking nerd culture rather than celebrating it.
  25. I'm curious. Which part of the finale, in particular, did you feel as breaking Sheldon's character? His speech at the wedding, or the fact that he held Amy's hand? I don't think they broke him the finale, it was a season-long breaking process that led to the gag-inducing hand-holding sequence. They've changed Sheldon from quirky and always hilarious to goofy and more often than not, unfunny. "Fun with Flags" is a perfect illustration. And before the usual suspect chimes in - I still like the show, just not as much as I did in seasons 1-4. I realize that many consider that to be blasphemy but it's my honest opinion. I saw season five as bending, bending, bending Sheldon. The final snap, for me, was the hand holding. Leonard, on the other hand was broken gradually. They started the bending process in season four which continued through season five. Kind of like a green branch that is only half broken with all of the frayed splintery bits sticking out. His interaction with Penny over the last 2 episodes was awful.
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