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  1. With the way this show went I will bet money Amy and Penny end up in bed/kissing/naked at some point, it's just a matter of time.
  2. Too late they've changed their target audience now. I look around the Internet and the fans I see now compared to the begining are mainly female and they want more drama and relationship stuff. The original format and dynamic was thrown away and it's not coming back.
  3. That was a hangover from the original pilot before they'd established the character it's pretty obvious he's non sexual. Them getting together would be like brother and sister getting it very very wrong. Their chemistry is not sexual at all.
  4. I don't agree with this growth thing. Look at Friends, ten seasons and at the end the characters were very recognisable as themselves. They went through many different experiences but were basically the same characters. No one was added to the cast and even major extra characters like Ross's second wife and Pheobes husband were kept to a bare minimum. They kept the basic premise and dynamic throughout the entire ten seasons. It's a sitcom not a soap or drama there isn't a massive need for character growth. Amy is the reason I haven't watched the last episode or two, it just got too much and had become the Amy show rather than The Big Bang Theory.
  5. You're right. It's not that they went "right let's make this a show for women!" but it's part of their push to be more mainstream. They will have had focus groups and executives telling them to be more female friendly. That there's too much geek stuff and focus on the guys and that puts women off(which I don't think is true). "We need more drama, romance and gossip cause that's what women are into!" again I don't think that's true but it a typical media view. You have to remember even Penny wasn't a major character at first, she was just there as a love interest for Leonard. The main focus of the show was the guys and geek/science humour. Now Raj and Howard are basically extras, Amy is the entire focus of the show and the intelligent, geek, science stuff is given maybe the odd crappy reference if they can be bothered.
  6. People saying this isn't an Amy episode have me thinking I might change my mind and watch this. Then Sheldon is buying her an apology present and she's breaking into song. I just can't watch anymore while she's in it. The fact her and Bernadette appeared in the People's Choice clips shows they are now considered main characters on equal terms with the rest of the cast. That I hate with a passion. Then they get more lines than some of the established originals. I'm sad to say it but I'm done, I hate giving up and even though the season four finale ruined the show I really tried to force myself into giving them a chance to come back, but they've just gotten worse and worse. Its now a different show to the one I got into, they've turned an original and intelligent show into a cheap unfunny Friends clone. The difference being Friends was actually good and consistent from start to finish. When even the description of a show makes you sad and angry it's time to admit its over. Bye people.
  7. Poor Howard hardly gets any lines even in an intro lol
  8. Too many characters as it is. Let's get back to the originals and cut the extras back to the odd appearance here and there.
  9. The last thing this series needs is yet another character. Amy and Bernie have ruined season five and taken enough time away from the main cast as it is.
  10. I think it depends on your outlook. I really liked Friends and I enjoyed it up until it finished. I could see it wasn't as good as before but I still enjoyed it. But people I know stopped watching it around season 4 or 5 I think saying it had got to slapstick and over the top. I see myself having the same feeling with TBBT for different reasons. As much as I liked Friends and had to watch every single episode I think I'm more emotionally involved with TBBT so I get more upset about the changes.
  11. Threelions


    Why do they have to do this? It's a show about four nerds and a girl who lives across the hall from two of them. Why would they have to represent all types of women or have to have main cast represent them? Should Sex And The City have introduce four main cast guys to represent all types of guys? Note not extras who are boyfriends or occasional characters, but main cast who have entire episodes devoted to them like Amy. Why do we have to ruin shows for the sake of political correctness? If we go down that route we also need a confident out going Asian man, there's no black main cast character either so that's another one we need, then of course we need to bring back Pryia and add a black female so another cast member to add. It going to get crowded. Let's not forget we had a far better example in Leslie and they got rid of her for this unfunny closet lesbian.
  12. I think the Howard and Raj scenes have worked well because of his mutism. But I do think they should have worked in a catch that he can talk to a girl once he knows her well enough or if she's dating one of his friends "because they're like my sisters now" or something. They still get to use the mutism on occasion but he can talk to Penny, Bernadette and Amy giving him more lines.
  13. Threelions


    Not that I know or think its what's happening but for the sake of wild speculation what's Kaleys contract situation? She did a movie and some TV people get swayed by films. Could it be more the writers covering themselves in case she decides she wants out to go do films full time?
  14. I wonder if the actress had other offers and they had to offer her a big contract to stay? This would explain them using her more and more as they would want value for their money. This Season has become The Big Amy Theory.
  15. I'll just copy my ideas from the other thread. I'd like to see an episode where Amy catches a deadly disease from her monkey test subjects and dies a horrible painful death. Raj turns out to be evil Raj who has had the real Raj locked up in a underground lair since the end of season three. The real Raj escapes and exposes his evil twin. Bearnadette runs off with her ex from the conference reverting Howard back to his old ways. Penny gets a acting job and starts dating the star of the show who convinces her to go to AA. Leonard manages to talk that comic shop girl into giving him another chance. Sheldon decides to recommit to his scientific studies dispensing with any attempts to normalise himself. The writers realise intelligent well written humour can be mainstream too. Not many laughs in there I guess. Well apart from the Amy thing.
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