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    Like all non main cast characters if she is used sparingly she is ok. Unfortunately they've been over using her which makes her become annoying. The odd video chat with Sheldon is more than enough.
  2. Meh episode for me. I have no interest in Amy at all so an episode based around her really didn't interest me. It's one of the downfalls of the series for me. You can have the extra characters and use them sparingly but when you get to the situation that an extra has an entire episode devoted to them at the expense of the main cast, you've taken the wrong direction somewhere.
  3. Stephanie and Howard never even dated. He picked her up in a bar by telling her she could drive a car on Mars. They never even went on a casual date, there was no relationship in anyway. She even says she wasn't interested in him in anyway she only wanted to drive the Mars Rover. You cannot in anyway shape or form compare that to Leonard and Penny. Even Leslie and Leonard actually dated. Stephanie and Howard never existed.
  4. I never bother with them on films, the only ones I tend to listen to are on series I really like mainly Joss Whedons stuff. It's good to hear stories about how they did things or stuff that happened during the scene.
  5. He actually did call dibs on her in the episode where they take the train to a lecture. Howard makes a remark about him and Raj being able to hit on Penny and Leonard says no. He also makes it clear he wasn't happy she got a lift with Bernadettes ex. His friends knew how he felt, Penny dumped him and knew he loved her, whatever the rights and wrongs they both betrayed him and he would not be talking to them now in any of the multiverses. You can say whatever you want about Penny being able to date whoever she wants but it never works that way in real life. Hence people not being happy about the characters doing it or the way they reacted or didn't react to it. That's without mentioning it was completely out of character and was crowbarred in for shock value. Also Penny gave him the go ahead to steal Howard's one night stand because she didn't like him(at least at the time). She's not a fan of Pryia so on past evidence she would encourage him to cheat.
  6. I really don't want to start this off again but cbolt Raj is one of Leonard's best friends that's a no no. It doesn't matter if they are both single there are rules I've seen friendships ruined over that kind of thing. In reality Leonard would not be talking to Penny or Raj anymore. They've shown with the above that they don't really follow any rules on relationships. If they want to put two people together they will even if it makes no sense. I personally think they should end the L/P thing as its no longer anything special since the Raj incident. I wouldn't be that fussed if Penny left, they made the character very two dimensional and her main role was as Leonard's fantasy girl. That's gone now so she hasn't got much of a purpose which is one reason I think she's been a little sidelined recently.
  7. I don't have daily schedule as I get them by "ahem" non traditional means. Also I tend to binge, I won't anything for a few days then have an evening of non stop TV to catch up. Anyway what I'm watching. The Walking Dead - though it is annoying me how they've changed it from the comic. Homeland - Fantastic show Broadwalk Empire Castle American Horror Story South Park CSI - Original only. Big Bang Theory - its on probation after season 4 finale Fringe I also watch various sports football(the real one), MMA and the occasional F1.
  8. Not a huge fan of the film but seeing Avatar on my mates 50" TV was spectacular. Amazing visuals, this even after I'd seen it in 3D at the cinema.
  9. Hmm maybe this is a good opportunity for them to get rid of Priya and have Leonard start chasing after the comic book girl. He realises they have more in common and tries to convince her to give him another chance.
  10. From interviews I've seen they kept it secret themselves. As for Kaley she had quite a reputation for sleeping with co stars and making bad decisions before TBBT started. She moved in with that musician after only a month. This doesn't make her a bad person but maybe makes this engagement a little easier to understand. Even good people make bad decisions.
  11. I thought that was awful. Not for any major reason just really badly written and completely over the top. Maybe it's being English and Halloween not being such a big deal here but that bored me the whole way through. Over the top slapstick never appealed to me. On the plus side we may finally be rid of Priya. Though I agree with 4ofn they've robbed Leonard of his spine again.
  12. Threelions


    Roseanne was known as a horrible person to work with so I doubt the veterans of that show both in front and behind the camera would want her around.
  13. She was moving in with a guy who looked like an emo version of Galecki about a year ago so this can't be a long relationship. Sad to say but if you look at her past bar Galecki she doesn't have the best track record.
  14. Threelions


    I never got the Sheldon Penny thing some people like. I see zero sexual chemistry there. It's like a brother and sister relationship, so I always think ewww when people mention it.
  15. Not a huge sitcom watcher TBBT was the exception, so probably nothing or something I had on DVD.
  16. I do hope Sky get TBBT soon E4 and channel 4 in general suck at showing good TV. I remember they would make you wait six months to see the Sopranos and Angel was moved around so much it was impossible to follow. Then they wonder why people use other methods to get their TV.
  17. Not an amazing episode but decent with a few good laughs. Thought they were trying to hard with Sheldons mum, not as funny as she normally is but loved the church scene.
  18. Can't remember exactly but didn't Sheldon only suspect he did something and Leonard didn't know about what he'd said? Not that the writers are bothering with any continuity anyway.
  19. Semi decent episode. Started out strong but fizzled out toward the end. They need to stop the whole girls hanging out together thing seems like a token gesture and it never produces laughs. Disappointed there wasnt more wheaton. Very glad there were no awkward Raj Penny moments. Best episode of the season so far. Loved the Stand By Me line.
  20. Yes the writers have changed. I'm not an expert but it's been said on here that the main original writers are gone replaced by Nickelodeon guys. If true it shows.
  21. I love the name, you should be a wrestler lol. Welcome aboard.
  22. Wheaton is a geek god and very experienced with cons. I get the impression TBBT guys are good friends, love being part of the show but don't really get the whole con or geek culture in general.
  23. Sorry cbolt this going to sound bad and I really don't mean it as an insult. But to say TBBT isn't about Leonard and Penny is to say Friends wasn't about Ross and Racheal. The whole show started with them meeting and will finish with them running off together or getting married, having kids etc. If you think Penny doesn't love Leonard you aren't getting the show. If Penny doesn't love Lonard sleeping with Raj would be no big deal to her yet it was. Pryia would be no big deal to her she has admitted she made a mistake letting Leonard go. Are there other things going on with the show? Yes. A show can't rely on just one thing but Leonard and Penny are the core. This is from someone who isn't a L&P shipper. It doesn't matter how many people Penny sleeps with as long as it isn't one of the main guys. As soon as you do that shows over.
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