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  1. Lol I don't know if your joking or not. The Straight Man is a term that refers to a character in a show, film or comedy act that's the most normal or down to earth character. He feeds or sets up the situation or lines for the more wacky, zany characters. In this case when the show started Leonard was the straight man to Sheldons wacky character.
  2. Isnt that the entire point of the Leonard and Penny relationship? He is the exception. The one guy she will change her ways for. With her and Raj that's gone and so is the basic premise of the show. @Pomita - I apologise I know it must be frustrating but they have continued the whole Raj Penny thing with every episode. Both of them suddenly becoming close friends, Penny saying she'd date Raj for his money, Raj accusing Penny of having a crush on him etc. For those who feel screwed over by the finale it's like having it thrown in your face week after week. So it's going to come up in threads about episodes where they keep Raj and Penny behaving in this way. As 4ofN said be patient those of us who are unhappy are going to drift away through this season so the anger will disappear as the season goes on.
  3. Penny had described him as creepy when silent and rude when drunk so her suddenly saying she'd hook up with him wasnt exactly in keeping with character or realistic in anyway. They went with it anyway so there's no reason not to make believe Raj lied. I mean it's not going to happen but the fact it's not likely wouldn't stop it with the way the writings gone. They haven't kept any kind of continuity for the characters in the last season or so. Sheldon doesn't dance in any universe then dances without any protest with the girls. Sheldon sneaks into a hospital, has knowledge of medical equipment and procedures, begs to have check ups in hospital. Then suddenly he hates hospitals. Penny thinks Raj is creepy or rude when drunk, suddenly says she would be all over him and would date him for money. Leonard's bad luck with women then a all-round ladies man. Raj has gone from a quiet, shy, polite and naive character to a backstabbing arse. Howard is probably the only one who hasn't gone against character or contradicted himself.
  4. Leonard is or was the straight man. It's considered a very difficult role to play so the idea that anyone could do it isn't correct. The more off the wall characters need someone to play off.
  5. Agree with Fringe got into it recently and really like it. I'm getting into Homeland very good first two episodes. Terra Nova is ok can't say it's really drawing me in a little too lightweight for me. I'm into Broadwalk Empire think Sopranos set during prohibition. I'll also recommend Castle great TV show with Nathan Fillion can't go wrong there.
  6. It's rare that tv shows don't end up different from pilots. That's what they are for a tester to see what works and what doesn't. Don't confuse first episodes with pillots. I remember Buffy had a dodgy pilot with a very different Willow and changed for the better. As for the pilot itself. Penny was complete trash, they've actually taken her back towards that character unfortunately. Sheldon was far less socially naive and there was another character I can't remember the name of who had a crush on Leonard. I think Leonard was pretty similar.
  7. Oh I don't think in reality it would change anything. I was just commenting on how Penny was so relived when she found out they didnt go all the way, then she agrees to keep it secret. Doesn't make sense in anyway. But yes sadly they are going the whole "it's ok we didn't have sex!" route. Despite as you say doing everything up until that point and then only stopping because Raj finished before he started. It doesn't solve the problem which is why I find it so strange they went that way. They've screwed themselves now as there's no way out.
  8. Considering the way the things had been going, this was a disturbing and uncomfortable line to hear.
  9. Its not a drama. Its a sitcom. Penny didn't want to have sex with Raj. They did it with cheap TV Booze Drama and it was despicable. It sure as hell wasn't funny. Didn't say it was funny. Didn't say it wasn't cheap. But as I did say drama sales (though I did misspell it). And more what I was commenting on is Penny and Leonard are not married and were not dating when the event happened. I really don't get the whole "they were both single" angle. There's so much wrong with that. First Penny dumped Leonard, she was the love of his life and it's been made clear he isnt over her. No one knows these things better than a close friend which is what Raj is supposed to be. The idea of they're single so it's ok jus isn't real. When emotions are involved that goes out the window. I have two friends who haven't spoken for five years because of a similar situation, that situation got violent when it happened and that isn't unusual when these things happen. They castrated Leonard, vilified Raj and made Penny out to be a slut. From a basic writing point it was just terrible. Penny had no attraction to Raj. Her main comments on him had been he was creepy when silent and an ass when drunk. Then suddenly she "would be all over him" it makes no sense. Then to have Penny keep the secret even though it would solve her problems and Leonard act like nothings wrong was stupid. I mean Howard was more upset about the poetry than Leonard was about Raj sleeping with the love of his life. Let's also not forget Leonard wasn't happy about Penny getting a lift home with Bearnadettes ex and when they were on the train with Summer Glau Howard mentioned would it be ok if him and Raj tried it on with Penny and Leonard said no. The whole thing was done for shock value nothing else and then they screwed up any chance of resolution. Shocking writing all over. When they look back over TBBT years this will be the moment they say the series jumped the shark. Nicksap has it right.
  10. I'm not angry anymore just incredibly disappointed. There are very few shows I really get into, TBBT was the first show I really got into in a long time. I could deal with a lot of the bad stuff that crept into season 4 but the finale was like a knife in my back. It screwed the show and characters in a way that's impossible to fix and that's why I got so angry for a while. They could have tried a silly dream sequence or pretty much anything except the way they went. There no real way back now, it's just another run of the mill sitcom. I'll watch for old times sake but I not bothered if I miss an episode and I can see myself drifting away from it over the course of this season.
  11. I agree with the science and geek stuff. They give it token mentions here and there but it's an after thought no longer part of the show. They seem to be writing as outsiders looking in. Rather than having actual geeks or science guys as part of the writing team.
  12. I think it's just the way sitcom characters go. They tend to become over the top versions of their earlier selves. They've taken one part of the character and pushed it to the extreme. I think I get my friends reaction to FRIENDS now. I enjoyed the show but never got invested in any of it but those I knew that did complained how the characters became so exaggerated it got silly. I now know what they meant.
  13. Can't really think of many. Willow and Tara - Buffy Xander and Anya - Buffy Fred and Wesley - Angel Wash and Zoe - Firefly Seeing a pattern here lol. Problem is being Whedon characters it never ends well.
  14. Spaced is just outstanding. Honestly if any of you haven't seen it, then you must go out acquire it as soon as you can by any means possible. Very different style to any other sitcom and very original. Seriously probably the best two series of comedy I've ever seen. As for the debate. It's difficult I think we(the UK) has slipped in all things in the last decade with a few exceptions like IT Crowd and The Office. But TV and Film wise I think Amercia has moved ahead. Sopranos, ER, The Shield, The Wire to name a few things the UK can't match. Though do remember most UK series are made on a budget tha would struggle to pay for a single episode of big US series. The remaking of classic comedies goes both ways. The UK made some really bad remakes of Married With Children, Golden Girls and Who's The Boss. I can understand some remakes, I don't think Shameless would transfer over as it's based so much on a certain part of British culture I think only Brits would know. So I can see the need for the US version.
  15. Will Wheaton is normally great and Zak too. Mainly because they aren't over used like Amy and Bearnadette.
  16. Mandolin player? Mannequin? Manatee impersonator? Manta ray in disguise? Manny Paciao fan? Well tell us!
  17. It started out ok I enjoyed Raj and Howard together on the date but it was all downhill from there. The Raj and Penny interactions are so false and forced. This makes them extremely uncomfortable to watch. It's only been a few episodes since she was describing him as creepy when silent and arrogant when drunk now they've made out, had foreplay, pretend sex and are suddenly best friends. Really bad writing. Still irks me to see Leonard interact with Penny and Raj as if nothings happened. So promising start only to fall flat on its face. Still that's an improvement from the other episodes. I really hate what they've done o Raj he used to be one of my favourite characters now he's so unlikeable. And yes the deaf girl might have well been a blow up doll with the amount of character they gave her.
  18. They are or at least the majority is, obviously certain scenes aren't due to logistics. But the laughs will still be enhanced at punch lines and lowered or got rid of if someone laughs at a point the director/editor doesn't want them too.
  19. Threelions


    Leonard is no longer her ideal guy after the whole Raj night she needs a major Hollywood guy.
  20. Lol. Just wanted to make this a good point to say I love you all. If you don't agree with me about how the series is going so be it. I still love you all as you were or are TBBT fans. That makes you special if you disagree with me about how the series is going I don't hate you if anything I'm jealous. Here's to us all having a good future
  21. I really dislike the Letterman shows I've seen. They always go the same way, quick anecdote, plug a book, show, film, thank you and goodnight. You dont get any real interviews.
  22. Lol that could work very well. I've come to the conclusion that getting rid of Penny would help. Have her get the dream Hollywood role she always dreamed of so she gets a happy send off. Leonard grows his balls back and dumps Priya and gets it on with this geek girl who's apparently coming up. Also we have scene where just guys are sitting in the apartment. There's a knock on the door, Sheldon opens the door and it's another Raj, with a long beard and disheveled look. He explains that he is the real Raj and his evil twin kidnapped him (at the beginning of season 4) and has had him locked in the basement ever since. The evil Raj stands up gives an evil laugh and jumps out the window.
  23. That's a really stupid thing to say. I dislike the way the show has gone but I don't try to belittle those that still enjoy it, if anything I'm jealous of them. You can easily say a real fan wouldn't enjoy them degrading the show and characters, it's easy to sling mud. As for the episode it wasn't terrible but didn't get any laughs from me. Seemed very fragmented with little direction. Sheldon likes trains we know but to have him turn into a 5 year old was just strange. Amy just annoyed me in this episode I'm not normally a Amy hater but she just got on my nerves. Leonard going to the wedding with her seemed forced, if they made up some reason to force him into going it might have worked. But to go from him being uncomfortable just being around her to agreeing to escort her to a wedding was silly. Penny and Leonard having a touchy feely moment as he got ready for the wedding was again strange, they haven't resolved anything about her and Raj yet so I don't see them being like that. They need a few episodes with just the main cast getting back to basics.
  24. I'm not sure they're doing it on purpose, though the season four finale was put there for no other reason than shock value. I think it's just Prady and Lorre only know this humour and with some of the original writers gone and a lack of ideas they've fallen back on what they know best.
  25. This would be a decent way to handle things. Now we just need to change your last name to Lorre and get you on the writing staff.
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