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  1. Because if it was real life Leonard wouldn't talk to Raj or Penny ever again and thus the show ceases to exist. Also the fact that Penny showed no interest in Raj up until that episode where suddenly she would be all over him. It was a square peg shoved in a round hole for the sake of having end of season drama. This is not True Blood or Twighlight. Lots of romantic twists is not what the show is about or at least not the foundation the how was built on. Penny can sleep with as many guys as she wants but if she sleeps with any of the core guys other than Leonard it destroys the show. I'm not a Leonard Penny shipper either but the whole premise of the show is over if they go ahead with it. Even Friends that was far more based on relationship drama trod very lightly with messing with core relationships then abandoned the idea altogether. Penny isn't attracted to these guys Leonard is the exception if she sleeps with Raj why not Howard? Or even Sheldon? Why not just have a big gang bang? It destroys the core of the show and then there's no point watching. I'm still waiting for you guys to give me a run down of the opening episode, if they slept together or even act like Penny would ever sleep with Raj (a guy she described as creepy) then I'll chuck out the DVD's and forget it ever existed.
  2. I'll take any scenario that means they didn't sleep together, kidnapped by aliens, Sheldon practicing hypnosis, anything, 4ofn that sounds perfect.
  3. Add me into the whiny camp the "drama" scenario sounds like a different show to TBBT. That sounds like twighlight or 90210 not TBBT. It's bad writing when they make Penny suddenly attracted to Raj when up until then she had shown nothing but seeing him as a little creepy, it's bad writing to put two characters together in a situation that destroys the credibility of the show, Leonard isn't forgiving either one of them so that means no gang hanging out destroying the show. They have two choices, change reality so Leonard forgives them and they live happy ever after which ruins the show as well or make it all a dream/alternative reality/didnt happen which although cheesy and not great writing at least allows them to get back to what the show does best. Lets face it the whole thing was a cheap stunt anyway and is best written out of TBBT history.
  4. Agreed. More clever comedy less drama for ratings, this isn't 90210(or any other teen drama, I'm out of touch lol). Really wish they would wipe the last episode but they seem really into keeping it. I'm relying on you lot to break the news on how bad/good the first few episodes pan out before I decide on watching any of them. I'm praying this is just a huge wind up. As for the guest cast I like them all but think they should be used sparingly. Some episodes have felt very crowded and lost touch with the main cast. There's been far too many "interactions" with Penny.
  5. Anything would have been better than the way it ended so yes much better.
  6. So they are going to go ahead with the whole Raj and Penny thing? Well that's me out then. Shame a great series ruined. I had hope they might do a " oh they just think they slept together!" but fromt that they clearly aren't. Even a sitcom has to have some basis in reality and unless Penny, Raj or Leonard leave the show then they just threw that out. Leonard wouldn't forgive or have anything to do with any of them so that kind of screws the show.
  7. I'm not even going to bother watching the first episode. I'll just read what happens on here and if they don't fix it then goodbye TBBT.
  8. It's not just a one off story line though. If they go ahead with it they destroy the entire series. Penny and Leonard wouldn't even be friends let alone get back together, Raj and Leonard would not even be in the same room with each other it destroys the whole thing. I can't go back and enjoy earlier episodes knowing how it turns out. Friends never had Ross or Racheal sleep with another core member of the group. They played with the whole Joey thing but they were sensible enough to take it slow and never to have them sleep together. Then once it was obvious it wasn't popular they ended it.
  9. Make it so the whole Raj/Penny was a bad dream and never happened. That's a must for me otherwise goodbye. Bring the focus back to the main cast (the guys and Penny), it's not that I don't like the girlfriends and friends but there's so many now that episodes can seem a little crowded. Space them out and use them well dont chuck them into every episode just for the sake of it. Back to the geeky and less of the sleazy. Hopefully with Two and a Half Men coming back the writers won't have any built up sleaze they need to let out on TBBT. Let's face it all that Penny hasnt done is offer the guys a gang bang and I wouldn't put that past them to have that ready for next seasons finale.
  10. I'll be watching the season 5 opener, but if they don't fix this, I'll never watch it again. It will be interesting to see the viewership numbers after the second show of season 5 to see how they change depending on how they handle this giant screw up. Same here. I'll watch the first episode to see what they do with this whole Raj/Penny thing but if it isn't sorted out straight away I'll not watch any more episodes and my DVDs will be in the bin. I predict a high rating for the first episode followed by a large fall off after and a huge fall off if they go ahead with the Raj sleep with Penny thing.
  11. It's not exactly going to bring about the end of the world but as far as the series goes if they go ahead with it then it's the end of the series. I know there are other problems, the characters seeming to change personalities, no consistency with Sheldons quirks(refuses to dance, dances happily, sneaking into hospitals now scared of them and so on), they were bad enough but this is the final nail in the coffin for me. When you have this type of relationship on a show there are rules they can sleep with anyone they like as long as they aren't part of the core. Friends tried it out with Joey an Racheal but were sensible enough to take it slow and test the waters first and when it wasn't popular they dumped it and made sure they never actual slept together. It doesn't matter who the couple are if they started out with Raj and Penny an then had Leonard sleep with Penny I'd have the same reaction. It breaks the show. Leonard wouldn't forgive either of them, so the shows over or they further screw up the characters. They might as well turn it into a sketch show as they are getting to the point that the characters change completely each week. Penny showed no interest in Raj in anyway, bar thinking he was a little creepy when silent and an ass when drunk. Suddenly out of nowhere she's stating she would be all over him if they weren't friends. Raj was a good sensitive guy who has turned into a backstabber to his two best friends, Penny started out as a bit of a party girl who's main fault was always picking the wrong guy, now she's not far off walking the streets. There's rumours they have been converting unused Two and A Half Men scripts which is very believable. I swear that if Bernadette wasn't around they would have Penny sleep with Howard rather than Raj just for the shock value. I don't think even the writers know what's happening next as Bill Prady and the cast who normally talk about the show constantly haven't mentioned it since the finale. Seems like they are under orders not to say a thing. I could understand them wanting to keep Leonard and Penny apart for a while both for story reasons and because the actors dated. The episode where Penny's father comes to town contained scenes that genuinely looked awkward. But to do it this way which either destroys the four main guys or has some bizarre explanation as to why Leonard would give either of them the time of day is just pathetic. Have Penny meet a childhood sweetheart or have her meet a decent(non core) guy who actually treats her well so Leonard has to try to be happy for het anything but screw up the main group anymore than they already have. Plus they can't ruin the series now, I've only just found this forum with you lot to talk to! Well moan to so far lol
  12. Still fuming about the whole Penny Raj thing. Makes me want to throw up. If they don't do a "they passed out it didn't happen" in the first episode of the new season I'm out. My dvd's will go in the bin too, I can't watch the old episodes knowing where it all leads. Completely ruined the entire series for me. Penny sleeping with Raj is about as likely as the rapture happening last weekend and it's even less likely that Leonard would forgive either of them. So disappointed my favourite series has been ruined for me.
  13. Yes because when something you love starts to go bad you should just walk away and not try and rescue it.
  14. I'm a harsh man but only on the outside lol:icon_cheesygrin: But seriously they may both be single adults and so on but there are lines close friends don't cross. I get why they did it but it's out of character for both Raj and Penny(for the last three seasons anyway) and even for a sitcom it's something that you can't come back from. I just don't buy Penny and Leonard getting back together after this unless Raj is gone and I certainly don't see Leonard being mates with Raj if anything even a meek Leonard would take a swing at him. I'm surprised how much this has bothered me, it really has ruined the series for me. I don't think I'm the only one as the cast and Bill Prady normally tweet about episodes and general stuff but they have been very quiet since the finale which is very unusual even on cliff hangers they normally tease fans about what could happen. I think there may have been a backlash.
  15. All I can say to anyone who is supporting Raj and Penny is I'm glad you aren't my mate. I know people who have had relationships with friends sisters and as long as they show the sister respect it's accepted but I've never met anyone who accepted a friend sleeping with an ex especially one they were in love with. Seriously screwed the series for me. Plus it really isn't very likely even if you put all that aside. Penny has said many times Leonard isn't her type normally and it took years for him to sleep with her even drunk she wouldn't choose Raj. Let's just go the whole hog and have the four guys gang bang her next season it seems the next step on the sleazy slope they've created for her. Really can't believe no one in the writing team or production didn't look at this and think "this is really going to screw the series up maybe we should rethink this."
  16. I can't believe they did this. They've screwed themselves, there's no real way to come out of this without the show going downhill. This is a sitcom so you can obviously stretch things a bit but I don't see anyone buying that Leonard would ever forgive Raj or Penny. So Raj and Leonard's friendship is over that breaks up the main four guys so end of show. Now Leonard and Penny are never going to get back together in a way that will be believable it's not even believable that they would be friends. So again show over. Now the only course to go is that they were so drunk they don't remember what happened and it turns out nothing happened. That's probably one of the most over used cheesy sitcom stories ever made and shows a huge lack of imagination from the writers. As for the racism accusation? Please! Raj was one of the most loveable characters on the show, most would have supportive of him getting some for himself but not this way. They've changed him from good guy to worm with this and the whole Bernadette story lines. It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with destroying established characters. Also with people mentioning Leonard sleeping with Raj's sister. Huge difference. Leonard is in a relationship with her he didn't have a one drunken one night stand. Friendships survive that all the time. Brothers may be uncomfortable with it but tend to be happy as long as their sister is looked after. However people are less forgiving with friends sleeping with their ex especially if that ex happens to be the love of their life. I think people will look back and see this as the point where TBBT jumped the shark. Very sad.
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