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  1. it's not that far fetched, as others have said Physicists don't make all that much, and with all the money the guys spend on food (they either order in or go out for dinner most if not all nights) they spend a ton on comic books and computer games, and go paint balling, pay for internet etc. If they were living alone they most likely wouldn't be able to afford rent and all the crap they buy.
  2. not an enterprise star or enterprise crew member, but i would like to see Quark.
  3. I think Leonard should do something that get's him an award that sheldon envies
  4. What ever happened to her? They never mentioned her again after that one episode.
  5. the writers said on an interview that they didn't write sheldon with him having aspergers it was just a coincidence that he acts like it.
  6. Priya was Leonards best girlfriend i think.
  7. i played the original portal for a couple of hours before deciding I didnt like it. so I don't think i'll bother with 2 or 3
  8. the sims 3 and diablo 3 are my two main games right now. I am loving the sims 3, i skipped the sims 2 but it is a ton better than the sims 1. and Diablo 3.. wow i'm totally addicted.
  9. katiekins1803


    I think the best Shamy moment was when Amy cooked dinner for Sheldon, making him "want to do this more often" lol she is a genius!
  10. I think we're closer to developing cloaking shields than teleportation
  11. the creators of that App must be loving the big bang theory for the free advertising lol. LOL! OMFG i am so going to do that too!
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