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  1. Going for a 6 mile walk on the beach for sunrise then coming home to crash and watch season 2 of TBBT.....maybe get some work done..Ha ha. Karma
  2. Love this quote. A Favorite. Use it a bit too I must admit. Hehe. Karma
  3. Mahalo for the supportive comments netmouse. I do enjoy being with me as do others (I have references). LOL. Now I am dreaming TBBT episodes where I am in them...Geez...the show has twisted its way into my subconcious now. But fun dreams....not complaining. Kudos on the re-run knowledge. GO NETMOUSE GO! Aloha
  4. I called her "Grandma". Miss her. Aloha
  5. Net Mouse! You have the best ideas! Yes Marketing is Key! I just watched the episode that ended with Sheldon singing at the piano Bar Penny was working at: season 1. He has a good voice...Lets have a funny physics song...hey if "Grandma got run over by a Reindeer" could do so well..why not? As for the game...so cool. I would love to pick a character and play in a virtual Sims type game of TBBT. I have dreams I am in the episodes..its bizarre. I also want to find more Sheldon Shirts and show paraphernalia! Looking for the TV Bar Code one Sheldon wears. So happy about the accolades, nominations per se for the show and actor....its a winner, trophy or not. Aloha
  6. Tracer Tong, This is the place for you if you share our passsion, which it seems you do. Sometimes I dream that the directors, writers, or actors are secretly watching under a screen name thus taking in our input and ideas to keep the show fun and alive...its so painful to find such a great show and have it run its course so to speak. It is said that all good things come to an end...even the Universe...but I cry, NOT IN MY LIFETIME! Ha ha. I am having fun re-watching all the shows in a marathon style from season 1. A laugh a day is keeping the Doctors away! Have fun! Aloha
  7. Stephen Hawking guest star! Spectacular idea..call Chuck Lorre NOW! You rock Pomita.
  8. Not surprised most guys in here love Penny. She is Dorothy to all the guys after all and a closet nerd, likes hanging with them, and deep down wants Leonard to see her as smart. However, out of all the women on the show her character has been written so stereotypical. Dumb beautiful blonde that every guy wants as arm candy, has big sex drive, constant patience and loves to shop. YAWN. I am disappointed in Chuck Lorre for not breaking the stereotype and giving the SMART women more sex appeal. Thankfully Bernadette is sexier and smart but her character has no back bone...again stereotype submissive female though I love her fired up moments and applaud them! Its seems to be all or nothing for female characters, sexy or smart. I realize they are pandering to the COMMON MAN but wish they would use the show to break some sterotypes..OK, Pria was beautiful and smart but then guess what..she is cold hearted secretive user to my Leonard. Eve in the garden of Eden...somehow its always the woman's fault.....oh when will we ever break out of this cultural male/female role junk when there are real women out there who are both smart and sexy that don't want to manipulate or control. I ramble. But seems like guys don't self analyze, except lovely Leonard, alas he just wants beautiful kids and arm candy too.....sigh. So where does that leave all us in between women....alone typing in this Forum! HA HA. Bet you thought I was taking myself too seriously (Women)! The show is laugh out loud hysterical, love all the guys, kinks and all. Bazinga! Aloha
  9. E Komo Mai (Hawai'ian for Welcome) Tracer Tong. Hope you have fun here. Have found it a bit addictive. Look forward to seeing your thoughts in the threads. Check out the chit chat and games. Some are silly fun, something to do until season 5..(watching 1-4 over now...laughing). Aloha, Karma
  10. Leslie Winkle, "Yes, come for the breasts, stay for the brains." she replies to Penny's "Oh, wow, a Girl Scientist". (Not one of Penny's better lines....women who box other women in keep them second class citizens more than chauvinistic men! Aloha Karma
  11. First had crush on Raj...handsome silent type...hot Bod in last season episode..but now re-watching Season one....I remember having a crush on Johnny Galecki from Rosanne for years and his character is all heart and humble (sigh) in season one..they really played him down in season 4...He is a hopeless crusher too not to mention..HOT HOT HOT. Aloha Karma
  12. Want to see more of Sara Metcalf. She is a riot! Aloha karma.
  13. OK question, is it just me or do others see a Wizard of Oz theme in the 4 main characters of TBBT. Hear me out: Leonard has the Heart: The Tin Man Sheldon has the Brain: The Scarecrow Howard has the Courage: The Lion Raj? Is he Dorothy...always dreaming? But Penny is Dorothy right so put a few drinks in Raj and he can be Toto humping my leg. I was going to say: Sheldon needs a heart: The Tin Man Raj needs Courage: The Lion Leonard needs: A Brain? Not really but lives with his heart not mind. Howard may be Toto..humping my leg...lol..gotta love him. Penny is Dorothy for sure...She even has the yellow brick road blonde hair..and always trying to find Home (acting career) but stuck in Oz with the guys who love her..awwwwwwwwwwww Aloha Karma
  14. @netmouse: Nice Bio..KIpa hou mai! (come visit again in Hawaiian!) like your posts. Aloha Karma
  15. @ TygrPax: I am a Brunette Bernadette without the squeaky voice so right on! Remember as Leslie Winkle said to Penny in the first season..."Yeah come for the breasts stay for the brain". Ha Ha. If only! Aloha
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