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  1. I actually think due to the nature of the material, Simon has far surpassed Kunal in terms of Emmy worthy performances. 


    Love Kunal, but I also thought Simon was hands down one of the most talented of the cast. 


    I agree and Simon has been sadly overlooked thoughout the years.  

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  2. Congratulations to Johnny for The Critics Choice Nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy Series!!! :party:


    Leonard is a great character and Johnny plays the role to perfection, but in doing so he tends to get a little lost behind Jim's Sheldon,  so it's lovely that he gets the recognition from time to time.  Do I expect him to win?  No, because award shows are like "popularity" contests, whatever is the "new" thing/role tends to win.  Most long term shows rarely win awards once they get past a few years old, it's like the voters get bored of them and are just looking for the new kid on the block.

    Johnny deserves this so much, he is sort of the rock in the show, the sane caretaker of the Waco-a-doodle.

    I just love his chemistry with Jim,  I wish there were more of just Leonard and Sheldon scenes, there are never enough.

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  3. awww so cute !!


    About mother day, yes in France it's 31th May this year, it is not  same date each year. I don't know why. I think it is the last sunday of May each year in France. Today when I saw Mayim's tweet I was afraid to forget to wish to my mother. lol And I have checked.


    that is the cutest picture.

  4. well went on my hunt... No spotting but it was a pretty cool feeling standing exactly where Jim did about 2 hours ago....I love having in my city....even though the odds of actually seeing him in a city of millions is slim to none....it still gives me a warm & fuzzy feeling!!



    I don't know,  I've bumped into the Queen a couple of times, and Princess Diana twice and Kate and William earlier this year, seriously was not going out of my way to see any of these people, and I live in Australia. So what are the odds of that, certainly your odds of bumping into Jim must be much higher.

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    Funny, the local channel at my country is airing a several episodes special about Buster Keaton movies, at midnight... hmm dunno if i'll stay that late just to see the artist Jim is such a fan of... I love you Jim, but... lol

    Also, i wonder when the photoshoot, the one Jim took the IG pic, will come out...  :icon_redface:



    Buster Keaton is all over the web, so you don't have to stay up to watch him,  I would recommend One Week to start with then perhaps Sherlock Jr,  Our Hospitality  or Steamboat Bill Jr.  Or is this the documentary A Hard Act to Follow (which is brilliant btw)?  

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  6. SO with BBT having appeared on TBBT,  time to release some Malvo, such a different character from Dr Lorvis.  Just a couple of things, if you didn't get to see Fargo and want to, perhaps not watch this it's full of spoilers,  and it's not for the squeamish either.  



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  7. I love Billy Bob Thornton, so this is perfect!  


    Good episode, that bit about "scoring with Penny" was really funny.  Really enjoyed this one, actually a instant "favourite" and not just because Billy Bob was in it either, although that did help.  


    I found the Bernadette/Amy storyline really interesting and very thought provoking.  I myself,  I am guilty of appreciating someone's work because of how they look, their charisma, yes it is sad that it helps get people noticed, but it does, but I will say there has to be something more than just looks that keeps my interest there has to be talent,skill and an intelligence behind their work.  

  8. It's the introduction that fooled me.  :icon_redface:


    Oh, and I've changed the video to Frank Sinatra, who does it even better.


    It's really Ray Bolger's (the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz)  song though, it was Ray's signature song, and I think the best version.



  9. Hi everyone


    I've just signed up, so I thought I'd say hello. I'm a big fan of the show - it gets shown on E4 over here, usually two or three episodes repeated every night. Season 8 starts this Thursday, which will be a welcome respite from the endless repeats! 


    I'm originally from the north west of England, near Manchester, but I've been living in London for the last 14 years. I refuse to let London dilute my northern accent though. I'm having none of that - I pronounce my vowels properly!


    I'll be paying my first visit to the US in a couple of weeks - I'll be in Hollywood for a week from November 7th, and the second week isn't really planned yet. However, yesterday I did manage to get a ticket for the show being taped on Tuesday November 18th, which I'm very pleased about. Once I've familiarised myself with the forum I'll post in the appropriate thread - it would be great to meet other fans attending the same taping, as I only managed to get a ticket for myself! So that day I'll be all on my lonesome.


    Anyway, hello to you all from my desk in my office just by the Thames. I'd probably better start getting some work done now...



    Hi and welcome.  I spent a year living in Trawden in the North West of England, near Manchester, so I know that part of the UK very well.  I am impressed with your skills in gaining a ticket whilst visiting the USA, one day I hope to do that so I might get some pointers from you in the future.  

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  10. I thought this episode overall was okay. I liked Lenny the most and the interactions between Raj/Sheldon/Amy and Raj/Sheldon were meh for me. I didn't care so much for Howardette. I really like them as a pairing and individually but the cattiness can be a bit too much for me but I guess that's their schtick.



    I 100% agree with what you said regarding Howardette, and I pine for "old" Howard to return, sorry but Bernadette's constant "one-up manship"  in regards to who makes more money is just not funny anymore. 

  11. It's been on channel 9 in Melbourne the last two weeks now. On Monday 7:30. Caught it while channel surfing. Hadn't seen many ads but I don't watch much free to air these days so obviously missed them.


    Yep just saw that, you haven't missed them you can catch up, it's strange that we are 3 episodes behind, they used to show it the Monday after it was shown in the USA a year or so ago, perhaps it doesn't get the ratings anymore?  



  12. Well they better hurry I think USA is about 6 episodes into the season already.  I've given up waiting for Channel Nine to show it, actually cannot remember the last time I watched TBBT on TV.  Actually other than Fargo (on SBS recently- who BTW did fast track that) I cannot remember the last time I actually watched a TV show on TV.

  13. Killer's Kiss, a 1955 Stanley Kubrick homage to film noir,  which I loved.  

    I don't watch many movies because I have about a 5 minute attention span lol. But, the last one I watched was Star Trek: Into Darkness.


    Awesome movie! So well made. It might even be enjoyable if you don't like Star Trek, my mom liked it. :)



    It was a good movie,  Benedict certainly plays a good baddie!

  14. Did anyone notice that Kaley doesn't seem to be on set this week?  For some reason they were working on a Sunday or perhaps Mayim just posted on a Sunday?  Kaley was buzy with a baby shower it would seem on Sunday,  and today Mayim once again posts everyone else onset except Kaley?  Meanwhile Kaley is at an Elle Event?

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