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  1. Off Talmadge Street, named after the Talmadge ladies of which one, Natalie was married to Buster Keaton for a time.
  2. Convict13


    It's based on the movie Fargo. It's black comedy through and through.
  3. Convict13


    So watched Ep3, I think we are behind a little here in Australia. Did you all see Penny's dad? and I loved the "could you have a smaller room for this conversation?" lines and Yes Miss Kitta Martin Freeman is very fine indeed.
  4. The Molly one? Or the Moriarity one?
  5. I like Todd's outfit too, I think it looks great.
  6. Really nice pictures, they are such a cute couple. I just think back to only a couple of years ago and Jim always appeared by himself on the carpet, so glad that Todd joins him now.
  7. Great interview, but remind me never to get in a car with Jim Parsons driving! It makes me worry about him now.
  8. I got the lovely Christopher Tietjens
  9. hello, nice to see some Raj love too.
  10. Convict13


    Is anyone here watching Fargo? It's very good and Keith Carradine plays the part of the cop's father, he seems to specialise in playing father's, I wonder if he will ever return to TBBT for an episode, I actually think Penny's dad could hit it off with Leonard's mum?
  11. If my memory serves me correctly it is the episode where they discover that Raj can talk in front of women when he has an alcoholic drink.
  12. Cold and wet, I had to wear my coat, and scarf and the new gloves that I got for christmas today.
  13. I had to behave myself because my partner came in with me for the photo. What I loved were the announcements. "no inappropriate touching, no marriage proposals". Inappropriate touching? Marriage proposals? I never even thought about it, But it was lovely to get to get my arm around his waist. AND THAT VOICE!
  14. Oh I met Benedict BTW, got my photo with him and an autograph. He is about 6ft tall, but very slight,, my arm easily reached around him. Wonderful day. And I kept it together, just said good luck with Hamlet at he smiled and me and said thank you. He spoke for a long time with the girl in-front of me,(so I got to hear him talk a lot, although I did notice that he was very quietly spoken, saving his voice who knows) she had a great costume on, and he was quite taken with it.
  15. It's heading into winter here in Australia, I don't much go to the movies, but I am really hanging out to see LOCKE, the reviews are amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyoO35P41YM
  16. It's funny how we all seem to agree with that. He really should do a special guest star on one of those crime shows. Anyone have any idea what he is up to over the hiatus? I know TNH is coming out soon, but after promo of that is over.
  17. I'm a huge Fry and Laurie fan and have been for years, but could never get into the series House. Medical dramas just not my thing at all.
  18. I can't wait until Season 8, I think they left it perfectly.
  19. False TNP likes to bake
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