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  1. The monologue was OK, the Crapping the Pants sketch? Really? Not funny. Ellen and Johnny I get the joke about Ellen moving about a lot on her seat, but that was just too distracting in this context. JIm deserved much better than this, these are the Best comedy writers at the moment?
  2. OK episode, a filler I think, I actually liked the glass table better, they should have bought that one. Leonard is too nice, he needs to start standing up to both Sheldon and Penny.
  3. Glorious sunny day, perfection 30C predicted for today about 86F, and the upcoming week is the same, no rain, just sun.
  4. Don't even know if we get it on free to air in Australia.
  5. not on a soap, that would be too Friends.
  6. Yes that was one fine look altogether with the shorter hair. PARSONS eh! Not Jim but PARSONS, "HEY PARSONS!"
  7. Gainsbourg; A heroic life. I love Serge Gainsbourg's music and this is the biopic about his life, it is well acted and from what I've read about Serge quite accurate. I've watched this three times over the couple of years that I have owned it, and each time I enjoy it more and more.
  8. I'm in an "Antarctic" frame of mind of late, finished reading."Alone on the Ice" the story of Douglas Mawson's incredible survival in Antarctica. and now I am almost finished Robert Scott's journal, which of course is just a complete tragedy. Feeling like I need to now more about these two gentlemen, so may start another "Antarctic" themed book afterwards. ALthough I am back at Uni in about 1 week, so probably not too much time for leisure reading what with working full time as well. The Mayor of Casterbridge I really enjoyed.
  9. Absolutely glorious, perfection, blue skies, not a cloud in the sky. I'm going out there, and I may be some time (paraphrasing from DE WIlson).
  10. Yes he would do creepy really well, and I mean that in a good way.
  11. Yes HYE meet any of the TBBT cast?
  12. I agree, but they have done that forever, it's their style of writing. But in saying that they are now dealing with "bigger" storylines and issues than whatever happened to Stephanie ( Leonard broke up with her finally), so they have to stop writing from episode to episode and actually fill in some of these gaps they have created. I too hope that the kiss is not just a once off and forgotten about the rest of the season, it was too big a step in Sheldon growth and the relationship of Shamy to treat it like a throwaway storyline. As for Penny's job do they not think that the audience is wondering how she is supporting herself now?
  13. Jim Parsons talks "the kiss", thought this was the best place to put this so as to not spoil others that haven't yet seen this episode. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wE18Wgz3uWc
  14. Hot again tomorrow 42 (110f), bascially been 100+ all week and next week is the same.
  15. Cinnamon was on fire, perfection! The Meryl Streep of canines!! WOW that kiss was epic. I knew there was a SIK happening because I cannot wait I spoil every time, but that was not what I was expecting at all, I expected the Kiss and that Sheldon was to take it longer than Amy would have expected. but those steps toward her, was that is the script? Who thought of that! The fact that Sheldon placed his hands on her and she didn't on him again tells us so much about them and where they are right now. It was seriously and incredibly sensual. I never expected that. When I think about the SIK its those few steps and his hands that I think about more than anything else,
  16. I work full time and study and I can tell you I have no weekends sometimes, so yes it would be good if they showed some of this more realistically. Are they taping tonight?
  17. True , but not a traditional sort of church, more like one of those new age churches. TNP loves the snow.
  18. Lovely today, was about 23.5c, much better than yesterday which was 44.5c (our hottest ever February day on record), then day before, Saturday, was about 42C, and before that 37, 40 and 37, so this is the nicest day we have had for quite a while. But it's about to warm up again.
  19. yes because she never believed she was married, she would never have changed her last name.
  20. I voted Good, first time for a while. but I think the girls storyline was a little weak so just a good from me this week.
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