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  1. Its nothing personal against the actress, she does her best with what she got. But Amy is just a watered down Sheldon. And a real realationship between them would imho ruin the Sheldon character. He simply has no need for her, every fiber in his body is asexual. The sheer thought of exchangeing bodily fluids in any shape or form disgust him. He would have no need for anybody else if it wasnt for him to assert himself as a genius. He is supposed to be cold an unlikeble, but you cant help to like him becourse he dosent know better. I just cant see it happening without takeng away what is most es
  2. Yeah I forgot Leslie Winkle, and a PhD for Howard could be cool. But not a relationship between Amy and Sheldon, it just goes against everything thats been established about him up and until now. (leaving it, and saveing it for the "I hate Amy" thread) But most importantly make it about geeks.
  3. I cant get my geek on when I watch this show as I used to. The show should logicly go with what the majority wants and what will keep them in business. But theres nothing wrong with hopeing that the majority wants the same as yourself. And in my case im agreeing with the thread starter.
  4. She is so annoying, I liked when she was brought in as a spoof, the fact that a female version of Sheldon existet. But she is nothing else but a watered down Sheldon. Leslie Winkle at least had her own character. I dont want to see Sheldon and Amy actually have a relationship. I just cant see what she could be used for. And there are just so many other characters I would rather see progress. Bring back Winkle.
  5. I think its a fine line of not breaking the illusion. A laptop is a laptop, everyone knows what it is, no need to give away free advertisment. On the other hand it would beak the illusion of being in a computer shop with no visible logos. I think its all about what benefits the show, what takes away from the illusion and where a plugin could make a buck.
  6. I wish that Priya leaves for good, so we can get back to the akward relationship between Leonard and Penny. Its more fun to see the different characters struggle then succeed. Amy leaves the show, I liked the idea about her being a seldom recurring character, but shes flat out annoying and its not like I want to see her and Sheldons realtionship evolve. A development of Raj's character, after Howard and Bernadette got together, Raj just became this stupid borderline gay character, which luckily it appears the writers could see them self, and has toned it down a bit for the last episodes
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