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  1. Been holding my breath for Leonard and Penny since episode 1. Now, a big sigh! Then, I begin to wonder if Kaley is pregnant in real life and that is what is up with the plot? I guess it's just hard to accept that the writers aren't just messing with us again, lol.
  2. Actually, as real actors they were stating the truth. No matter how good you are, the odds of becoming a successful actor are astronomical. 95% of the actors who belong to the union(s) are not employed as actors on any kind of fulltime basis. That is the nature of the business.
  3. So, what the hell was that? Are we doing a dramatic soap opera now? Looks as if they are going to crash and burn Leonard and Penny again. I don't know about the rest of you but I felt that episode was a very poor excuse for a comedy show.
  4. Well she did it. She married Ryan Sweeting. Best wishes Kaley. I hope you and your guy have nothing but good luck and long lives together.
  5. I thought it was a weak episode. They seem to want to lean on the notion that Sheldon, inspite of his intelligence, has no idea he is an arrogant, annoying, and tedious asshole. He constantly betrays his friends to each other, and is apparently unaware he is doing it. He has no conscience and never feels remorse. No, that isn't exactly correct. They have written him to be totally unaware when he has done something for which he should feel remorse, which in his arrogance he would not feel anyway. It isn't good comedy.
  6. From S01E01 the show has been about Leonard and Penny and their relationship. Sheldon is an amazing character with tons of great aspects. All the others are just window dressing, although Howard does shine and has been great comedy.
  7. It's very nice that Kaley found someone who is a pretty as she is. What a great looking couple. Even better if they have found love.
  8. Point is moot. She dumped him. And from his reaction, it was done unpleasantly. I think she escaped a serious personal disaster. Sure lots of 25 year olds marry 49 year olds and not just in Hollywood. Almost never works out and even when it does there is a lot of saddness to be dealt with in that kind of relationship. Marriage is hard enough, especially in Hollywood, no point in starting off with that kind of disadvantage.
  9. No, you have it wrong. The show was really new and the ratings weren't great. They are both experienced actors and know that audiences are very fickle and that revealing a personal relationship could effect the show. They didn't want to risk that and it caused them to grow apart. They are still really good friends. It was a professional choice, right or wrong. You guys are all hoping for something that isn't going to happen. Johnny and his girlfriend are very happy. Kaley has done a lot of boyfriend hopping since him. They are never going to get back together. The tennis player seems to be a decent guy. He is tall and handsome, looks great with her. And best of all he isn't twice her age, covered in tatoos from his neck to his ankles, and doesn't look like a troll. Reznik has to be a sorcerror. I could never figure out what she was seeing. Thank the stars she woke up from that spell. I just hope she has a nice long engagement with Ryan. She needs to wait until it cools down.
  10. His age is easy, he had a FB site that stated he graduated high school in 1980. No idea if that is still up. The spa he worked at had an ad with his name in it. May still be there. Here is a link to the interview where he stated he had been married. http://www.rockconfidential.com/inside/columns/jacklyn-lick/an-exclusive-interview-with-josh-lazie/
  11. I found the breast touching nonsense almost a disturbing as the internet kissing machine scene in a previous season. Didn't get the humor at all. Just creepy.
  12. Kaley falls in love easily, quickly, and deeply. She has admitted that herself. She loves being in love. She also falls out of love just as quickly or falls for someone else. Resnik, the tatooed troll, must have used black magic of some sort. He met her in a spa where he was teaching some kind of excercise and heisted her from Chris, who she was living with at the time. Resnik would have destroyed her. He is 25 years older than her and a con man, who lied about being married previously and about his age. There was an interview in a rock magazine, I forget the name, where he discussed his marriage and his escapades with porn stars. Maybe Kaley read it. Whoever woke her up from the spell should feel really good about it. She was with Bret Bollinger for some time. No idea what happened there. He seemed like a nice enough guy. Perhaps she just got tired of him or he got tired of her. Henry was obviously just lust. Good for her. Don't we all wish we could indulge that easily. This new guy was arranged by a friend. Don't know much about him. Hopefully he is from a good family with money because he sure as hell can't earn what she makes, and that is always a problem. I hope he did not move into her house like all the others, except Henry, did. That is HER dream house. Moving into her space puts a man at a serious disadvantage. With luck family or friends will convince her to have a long engagement because her track record says it will otherwise end badly. She needs to wait until the relationship cools down a bit. That seems to be a critical time for her. I think it would be lovely if they really do love each other and can hang in. She should have someone to settle down with and this guy looks great with her.
  13. I believe I said this in another forum a year or so ago. Suffice to say,, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Kaley has excellent comic timing.
  14. I'm not even sure what this means. You do know that Penny is a fictional character and this particular show, has a history of writing in things just for comedy, with no consideration for it's being in character. Trying to describe intent is pointless. They had Penny do what she did because they thought it would result in good comedy.
  15. It was an interesting episode. Glad they got rid of the selective mutism. It has long been coming. I expect they will reunite Raj and his now estranged girlfriend.
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