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    Episode Idea

    I have an idea for an episode. Seeing as a meteror is heading towards the earth today 09/11/11 going really close to the earth...closer than the moon. I thought of an idea that might be fun. What if the university professors and NASA are put on high alert as a meteror is heading for collison with the earth and it is all hands on deck to solve the problem and save the world. The Professors are in a high classified meeting at the Uni with little progress when Penny turns up and disrupts the meeting on a trivial matter. Quite by accident ??? she solves the problem and saves the face of NASA , Sheldon and the Big Bang team. Is she really Dumb ????
  2. The episode The Agreement Dissection Aired May 30, 2011 on Cghannel 9 mELBOURNE aUSTRLIA WAS A big disappointent. I would have thought using a monkey smoking as a joke was not at all funny and I felt that the writers of Big Bang were better than this. I will be looking for a new series if this is what to expect in the future. NOT COOL !
  3. I am a long term lover of Big Bang Theory and have purchased the 1st, 2nd and 3rd series but tonight viewed one of the new epiosodes on Channel 9 at 7.30pm amd was bitterly disappointed. It is not funny to me to have a smoking monkey. I would have thought that we had gone passed abuse of animals in pursuit of comedy. If this is anything like the new series you have lost me as a viewer. How do other feel about this episode?
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